Best Food Processors For Grinding Meat

12 Best Food Processors For Grinding Meat In 2022

Obviously, meat grinders are the best option for this task, but if you need something more versatile, a food processor will do the trick as well. Meat can be ground into a uniform consistency by using a food processor. However, the likelihood of achieving a silky texture is low.

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks Of The Best Food Processors For Grinding Meat In 2022

  • Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY
  • Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)
  • Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection
  • Cuisinart FP-11GM Elemental
  • Hamilton Beach Professional 14-Cup Dicing Food Processor
  • Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station
  • Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor
  • KitchenAid KFP1466ER 14-Cup Food Processor
  • KitchenAid KFP0918CU
  • Cuisinart DFP-14CPY Custom 14
  • Cuisinart 088 Food Processor

How To Get A Well Ground Meat

Some pieces of meat will be larger or smoother than others when using a food processor, but if you take your time, you can achieve a nearly perfect finish. The smooth portion of the meat should be scraped off the cutting board and set aside while the larger and medium-sized pieces are processed further until they, too, are smooth.

When using a food processor, it’s important to avoid turning the meat into a paste by pounding it for too long. The meat can be frozen for 30 minutes prior to being ground. Friction heat is generated by kitchen appliances like food processors. A portion of the heat will be absorbed by the frozen meat. More importantly, the firmness of frozen meats improves the likelihood of achieving a desirable texture.

If your food processor has a broad bowl and feed tube, you won’t need to cut the meat into little pieces. Meats that are very tough might be ground faster if they are first sliced into smaller pieces.

Blades and discs for food processors can be found in a wide range of sizes and materials. They make it easy to cut, shred, chop, and even purée meat. They also make it possible to prepare meat into a variety of textures. Here’s a rundown of the top cheap meat grinders that won’t break the bank. All the bases were covered. The information in this piece will prove to be invaluable to you.

Best Food Processors For Grinding Meat – Reviews

1. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

This model of food processor features a big feed tube and a large, 14-cup work bowl. If you have a lot of meat to chop up, you can save time with this tube. You’ll save time in the kitchen as a result of this. When it comes to grinding up that big slab of meat, the 720 watts of power really come in handy. Easy and speedy preparation of huge cuts of meat is made possible by this tool.

The 4mm stainless steel slicing disc is the industry standard. The disc stem is detachable, and it comes with a stainless steel mixing/chopping blade and a medium-sized shredding disc. All of them allow you to customise the ground substance to your specific preferences.

The on/off/pulse button on the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is straightforward to use, just like those on most current food processors. Dishwasher-safe components are included. There is a recipe book included so you may experiment with various dishes with your food processor.

2. Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12

Breville included a number of enhancements in this food processor that significantly raise its effectiveness. The meat can be ground to your desired consistency. It’s one of the most effective meat grinders on the market.
It features a 1000-watt heavy-duty induction motor with overload protection and direct drive control in a space-saving design. You may use Sous Chef 12 without concern about its stability, thanks to its powerful induction motor.

Different chutes can be used with this food processor. There is an 11.5-inch little feed chute, a 2-and-a-half-inch medium feed chute, and a five-inch big feed chute. What you’re processing can’t topple over thanks to all these chutes.

Adjustable slicing discs allow you to get as chunky or smooth as you like with your meat. The slicing disc on the Sous Chef 12 is variable between 24 settings. Paper-thin 0.33mm progresses to a hefty 8.0mm. See how large or little the discs are to cut your meat into bite-sized pieces. As an alternative, you can refer to the included user manual.
The blade mechanism is also fantastic. It’s an S-Blade with a micro-serrated edge. This S-blade will make short work of chopping and mixing together a wide range of seasonings with the meat.

This food processor also has a BPA-free plastic work bowl, a 12-cup capacity, a safety lock, and a momentary pulse button for uniformly grinding whatever you’re processing.

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

The bowl of this food processor holds 8 cups of food. If you make the meat chunks a little on the big side, you can fit them all in this bowl. You’ll save time grinding as a result. The entire process, from beginning to end, might be completed in a matter of seconds, depending on the desired consistency of the ground beef. A pair of blades ensures uniform chopping of meat.

Though not as uniform as a meat grinder’s output, the integrated shredding disc, reversible slicing disc, and grating disc will help you achieve an even grind when processing meat. In other words, you may clean this food processor in the dishwasher. Moreover, there are a number of BPA-free components.

Among its many features are a 1500-watt base, two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups with lids, a food inspiration book with 30 recipes, and a 72-ounce total crushing pitcher that pulverises ice to snow. We have many different beverages to complement your meal.

Our food processor appears more robust than the others on this list. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is widely regarded as one of the most effective food processors for grinding meat.

4. Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection

The Cuisinart FP-12BCN is part of the Elite Collection, and it features a Seal tight Advantage System. When using this, you won’t have to worry about any messes when you’re grinding the meat. Additionally, it secures the blade, which makes grinding less dangerous. After grinding, you can pour it out without removing the blade because it is being held in place.

The huge bowl of this processor is capable of holding 12 cups. The 12-cup bowl has a smaller, 4-cup work bowl nestled inside of it. Sprouts and capacity markings decorate the surface of this 4-cup work bowl. This is perfect for combining seasonings and sauces before cooking the meat.

The stainless steel slicing disc on this appliance may be adjusted to four different thicknesses (1 to 6mm). The meat can be shredded into medium-sized pieces or a fine paste with the help of an adjustable stainless steel shredding disc. There are both large and tiny stainless steel chopping blades if you’d rather mince the meat.

An electronic touchpad allows for simple, one-finger control. It uses blue LEDs and can be turned on and off, as well as set to pulse. The 1000-watt Peak Power Motor in the Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection boosts the appliance’s productivity.

The food processor’s interchangeable components may be cleaned in the dishwasher. Fortunately, the electronic touchpad can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If you need to ground meat, this is a top contender for the best food processor.

5. Cuisinart FP-11GM Elemental

The Cuisinart FP-11GM Elemental features a huge feed tube that can easily accept multiple large steaks or other cuts of meat. If you have a lot of meat to grind, the time it takes to do so will be cut down significantly. Because there will be more room in the grinder for the meats to grind fast, the process will go more quickly when you don’t have a lot of it. Moreover, the 11-cup capacity work bowl is a nice bonus.

The 550-watt motor is less powerful than that of the majority of the food processors reviewed here, but it still does a great job. With its interchangeable disc, you may switch from coarse to fine shredding. A cutting blade and a mixing disc are included.
The rubberized buttons on the Cuisinart FP-11GM Elemental let you select between the food processor’s four speeds (Low, High, Pulse, and Off). Rubberized buttons make it easier to operate, which comes in handy when grinding a lot of meat at once. Its detachable components make it simple to maintain. As an added bonus, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

6. Hamilton Beach Professional 14-Cup Dicing Food Processor

Put together this food processor without having to twist any of the components. The stacking and snapping construction makes it convenient to store. Simply snap the components together after assembly.

If you’re looking for a wide-bowl food processor, look no further than Hamilton Beach, whose name is synonymous with quality and whose product is among the best for grinding meat.

The Big Mouth feed tube can be used for three different purposes. Because of the generous diameter of the feed tube, whole pieces of food can be fed without being chopped up first. Smaller and medium-sized cuts of meat can be fed through the two smaller feed tubes. It comes with a BPA-free 14-cup bowl.
Four of the five grinding attachments (Dice, Shred, Slice, Chop, Mix, and Puree) can be used to grind the meat to your liking. To knead, use the fifth attachment.

The food processor comes with a convenient compartment for storing all of the various attachments. This space-saving container was made with the attachments in mind, with the idea that you wouldn’t have to take them all out to get to the one you need.
All of the controls on the touchpad of the Hamilton Beach Professional 14-Cup Dicing Food Processor glow in the dark. This will be a lifesaver if you’re ever lost in the night.

The purpose of each button is clearly stated so that it can be chosen quickly. This food processor has a pulse setting that might help you maintain consistency. The two-speed buttons are also convenient. There is a ready LED light that will turn on once the processor is done.

Instead, you can get your hands on a sturdy die-cast locking arm. Furthermore, this food processor is built to last.

A 600-Watt motor is included. The grids may be cleaned of stuck-on meat with a special dicing cleaning tool. All the remaining pieces can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The bowl’s cover is designed to click tightly into place, so there’s no need to exert any force on it to prevent spillage when processing.

7. Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station

There are a number of convenient extras included with this food processor, including anti-suction technology, a non-scratch immersion blender, an ergonomic trigger handle, and a space-saving design.

In addition to grinding meats, this processor can also mix in other ingredients. Its anti-suction technology makes it a great pick if you intend to combine frequently. This innovation helps contain the contents of the bowl.

This food processor has a trigger grip that puts the user’s hand in a more natural and comfortable position, making it more efficient to use. For meat grinding, this is one of the greatest food processors available.
The storage base is small enough to hold the chopping bowl, stick blender, and all of the accessories, freeing up valuable counter space.

Embedded in the package is a 42-ounce jug in addition to a whisking attachment. For even more flexibility over mixing and processing, a variable speed control with 15 speeds is provided.

An S-blade for chopping, a reversible grater that can be used for either coarse or fine grating, and an adjustable slicer are all included in the 6-cup food processor bowl. The all-inclusive slicer has an adjustable disc with 19 different thickness settings. Depending on your preference, you can choose a slice thickness anywhere from 0.5mm to 6.0mm.
The food processor lets you customise the consistency of the mash with its Variable Mashing Leg. The process of adjusting the mashing leg’s variable setting is straightforward. To switch between a coarse, medium, and fine mash, simply turn the rotary head.

8. Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor

Designed and constructed to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of North American Electrical Standards, this food processor will not disappoint. You can utilise this food processor to its maximum potential if you happen to reside in this general area.

Its 720-watt motor is amazing since it makes the meat-grinding process much simpler. The 14-cup capacity Lexan work bowl is a nice touch as well. There’s plenty of room for the meat to move about during grinding, so you can either handle a lot of small pieces at once or a lot of huge pieces quickly. The small/large pushers and the extra-large feed tube both play crucial roles in the processing.

An easy “on” and “off” switch is included. Furthermore, a pulse button is included. A spatula is included with this food processor’s package. It comes with a manual that explains how to use the food processor and gives you recipes to try out with it.
A stainless steel cutting disc is included. A cutting blade and a shredding disc are included. This food processor can be used to mince, chop, or shred meat. There is no way to alter the cutting and shredding blades, which could be a drawback.

9. KitchenAid KFP1466ER 14-Cup Food Processor

It’s not a new product, the KitchenAid KFP1466ER 14-Cup Food Processor. The food processor’s Ultra Tight Seal is unlike any other locking technology out there. There’s a seal around the top to prevent any leaks. This food processor has a large enough work bowl to accommodate nearly full loads. The Ultra Tight Seal construction of the bowl ensures that no liquid will escape while you work. The processing time is decreased as a result.
The food processor’s ExactSlice System, which can be adjusted from the outside, is a handy feature. It’s useful for making the daily grind more efficient. In order to transition from thick to thin, a lever is provided.

The settings on this food processor are designed for use on a counter. If you’re searching for a food processor made by KitchenAid, this is one of the best options for grinding meat.

It has three distinct speeds to choose from (high, low, and pulse). You may adjust the speed to suit the meat you’re working with, whether it’s tough or tender. All of these speed settings are easily accessible via a single button.

10. KitchenAid KFP0918CU

There are some differences between this food processor and the KitchenAid KFP1466ER, the most notable being the absence of an adjustable ExactSlice System and an Ultra Tight Seal. There isn’t much to putting together this food processor. A 9-cup bowl with a twist-free, latching cover is included for easy use. This computer processor is activated with a single mouse click.
The work bowl is leak-proof because of its tight seal. You can mince large quantities of meat without fear of it spilling out. Work bowl, lid, and all included attachments may all go in the dishwasher without any problems.

This food processor, like the KitchenAid KFP1466ER, offers high, low, and pulse speeds. The buttons that activate various velocity settings are designed to be pressed with ease, and they feature paddles for this purpose. The LEDs that light up these buttons are also used to control the light.

The blade of the KitchenAid KFP0918CU can be used for a variety of tasks. A thin disc that can be used for both slicing and shredding is available. The medium reversible disc can be used for both slicing and shredding, albeit the resulting slices will be of a moderate thickness. If you prefer your meat cut thicker, you can use the thick slicing disc. There is, however, no substantial disc available for use in the shredding process. The bowl of this food processor can be used as a storage space.

11. Cuisinart DFP-14CPY Custom 14

Heavy-duty 720-watt motor in the Cuisinart DFP-14CPY Custom 14. Because of this, preparing a lot of meat at once is straightforward and quick. And in terms of speed, it outperforms most other food processors. Its effectiveness is remarkable as well. This type of the Cuisinart food processor is ideal for those who need to get a lot done quickly.
There’s a large, 14-cup mixing bowl included for your convenience. Large quantities of meat will fit in here. The time required to prepare meals is reduced as a result. Because the feed tube is so spacious, you won’t even need to cut the meat into smaller pieces before grinding.

The blades of this processor are made of rust-proof stainless steel. The blades are built to last and perform reliably time after time. The rate at which the meat is ground is also affected by this. The meat can be shredded, mixed, sliced, and chopped with these blades. Maximum adaptability is provided by the Cuisinart DFP-14CPY Custom 14. The slicing and shredding blades are fixed, so you can’t change their effectiveness.

When it comes to meat grinders, the Cuisinart DFP-14CPY Custom 14 is among the best on the market. This food processor’s efficiency is boosted by the fact that it requires less effort from the user and can be cleaned with a single touch of the control paddles. This food processor is also safe to use because it does not contain any bisphenol-A.

12. Cuisinart 088 Food Processor

Even though it has been around for a long, this food processor is still very useful. Even though it has an antiquated appearance, this food processor is a good choice if you care more about its efficiency and usefulness than its aesthetics.
Like other Cuisinart food processors, this one has a particularly roomy feeding chute. Quickly accomplish more using this method. On the other hand, if your meat is already chopped up, you can use the mini feed tube insert to achieve uniform slices.

The discs, which are made of stainless steel, perform admirably. Excellent in both chopping and slicing, their edge holds for a very long period. Its cutting disc is a moderate 4 millimetres in diameter. In addition, the stainless steel blade can be used for chopping or mixing the meat with whatever else you choose to cook. The centre of the disc can be removed.

It puts on a strong performance with minimal noise. The food processor’s powerful motor (1000 watts) runs smoothly and silently. Tough cuts of beef can nevertheless be eaten in relative peace.
Only one paddle is needed to operate the on/off and pulse functions. Included with the purchase of this food processor are a set of accessories, including a spatula, a small flat cover, a large pusher, and a recipe book. BPA-free and may be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is also of the most reasonably priced food processors on the market.


You can get a great meat grinder out of any of the food processors mentioned below. Some have been around for quite some time, while others are brand-new on the market. However, they are all effective in their roles. We covered all the bases so you may pick a model that’s right for you based on personal preference or practical requirements.

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