Foods That Go Well With Dim Sum

19 Foods That Go Well With Dim Sum

Foods That Go Well With Dim Sum

Being that dim sum is a popular Asian dish, it’s natural to want to know what other dishes pair well with it. All over the world, people are raving about this delicious Cantonese dish.

It’s fitting that the dish whose name translates to “touch the heart” has won the hearts of so many people. There’s a specific kind of tea that’s meant to be served with it; it adds warmth and a distinct flavor.

Most commonly, dim sum is served with a selection of teas. While dim sums resemble dumplings, they are more see-through in appearance.

One can have dim sum as an appetiser, a side, or even a full course. Dim sum pairs nicely with a wide variety of dishes, such as Thai fried rice, Asian lettuce wraps, Teriyaki meatballs, summer rolls, orange chicken, Cha Gio, egg drop soup, macaroni salad, and spring rolls.

Dim sum is a wonderful way to indulge in a wide variety of delectable dishes. Let this article do the work for you, as it has produced a list of 19 meals that go well with dim sums.

19 Foods That Go Well With Dim Sum

So, you want to host a dinner party, but you’re worried that serving only dim sum won’t leave your guests satisfied. Here are 19 Asian dish suggestions that pair well with dim sum.

1. Thai Fried Rice

Spicy and delicious, Thai fried rice is a great accompaniment to dim sum. It takes about 30–45 minutes to get everything ready.

When the kitchen filled with a pleasant scent, it can do wonders for one’s mood. Your guest will be in a good mood as soon as they smell the Thai fried rice cooking. When served with dim sum, it elevates the meal to a whole new level.

2. Chinese Chicken Salad

This dish, which takes its inspiration from Chinese cuisine, is delicious, refreshing, and satisfying, and it goes wonderfully with dim sum. Vegetables, toasted almonds, and juicy chicken are the major ingredients.

Easy to make at home and a must-order when dining out, Chinese chicken salad is a staple of any Chinese restaurant’s menu. Wonderful when served with dim sum, this dish is a great choice for social gatherings.

3. Asian Lettuce Wraps

Need a pair of shoes that won’t weigh you down for dim sum? And since lettuce wraps are so simple to make, you might want to give them some thought. Fresh garlic, onions, tender chicken or meat, and butter come together to create this incredible dish.

Those Asian chicken wraps are delicious, nutritious, and bursting with flavour. Lettuce wraps and dim sums bring a sense of adventure and fun to dinnertime.

4. Spicy Pork Ramen Noodle Soup

This is a simple dish that can be whipped up in no time, and it won’t overpower the flavour of your dim sum spread. The meal is perfect with dim sum because of how tasty it is.

Pork that has been marinated and softened, broth, tender noodles, crunchy vegetables, and eggs are all you need to make this dish. When paired with dim sum, dinner can be delicious!

5. Teriyaki Meatballs

Every member of the family agrees that this is their favourite dish. They add the perfect touch of sweetness to your dim sum meal and have a nice sour undertone. Like the other dishes here, preparing teriyaki meatballs won’t keep you in the kitchen for hours.

Recipe components include ground beef, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, ginger and garlic powder, bread crumbs, and either Shaoxing wine or mirin.

6. Steamed Broccoli

Steamed broccoli is a simple side dish that can be paired with more involved fare, such as dim sum, if you’re in the mood for cooking a more involved meal.

All you need for this dish is a big pot, some water, and broccoli flowers. After 3 to 4 minutes of steaming, the broccoli is cooked to perfection. They go wonderfully with dim sum because they are so light and nutritious.

7. Summer Rolls

Don’t let the name fool you; summer rolls are delicious all year round, not only in the summer. Delicious and filling summer rolls are a great accompaniment to dim sum.

Because it contains no meat, fish, or eggs, it is a great option for vegetarians. To be fair, shrimps aren’t often left out of summer roll recipes.

8. Orange Chicken

Asian orange chicken is a classic Chinese meal that is both flavorful and filling; it would go wonderfully with dim sum. As an added bonus, orange chicken may be ready in about 30 minutes.

Since orange is a main ingredient, orange chicken has a citrusy, acidic taste. But with little time and work in the kitchen, you can have delicious orange chicken with only some onion, garlic, boneless chicken laps, paprika, vegetable oil, and black pepper.

9. Siu Mai

Appetizers made with siu mai are delicious and don’t require too much time in the kitchen to make. Similar to dim sum, they belong to the family of dumplings.

Tofu siu mai, the vegan alternative, is just as tasty. Siu mai are fascinating because they may be made in advance and frozen for later use.

10. Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

Noodle lovers will rejoice over this novel take on a traditional dim sum accompaniment. After a round of comforting dim sum, a bowl of chicken noodle soup is a safe bet for a satisfying Asian-inspired dinner.

That’s a delicious and filling combination. This delicious dish is made with spicy sauce, juicy chicken, onions, garlic, and ground ginger.

11. Quinoa Cabbage Salad

Quinoa cabbage salad is a great option if you’re looking for a low-carb and calorie-free supper. This dish, which consists entirely of veggies, is extremely light and nutritious.

A quinoa cabbage salad, which is high in fibre and minerals, is a great way to fill up after indulging in dim sum.

12. Chili Butter Tofu Scramble

This recipe is as simple as the others on this list. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy a delicious meal with the chilli butter tofu scramble. This dish does not require a lot of time in the kitchen.

Chili butter tofu scramble is a great accompaniment to dim sum because it is a healthy vegetarian option that is light, protein-rich, and high in calcium.

13. Japanese Chicken Stir Fried Noodles

Noodles with chicken in a stir-fry are a great choice for a dim sum dinner. Adding vegetables is a great way to increase the dish’s nutritional value. This tasty treat may be ready in about 20 minutes.

Boneless marinated chicken, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, white pepper, noodles, and your choice of vegetable are the main components of this dish, which is a huge hit with carnivores.

14. Scallion Pancakes

Crispy scallion pancakes make a great accompaniment to dim sum and are a breeze to eat. Scallion pancakes are made primarily with green onions, but you can also use green peas if you have them on hand.

Scallion pancakes, while filling, are not a hefty dish. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t pair them with some dim sums for supper because they’re tasty.

15. Egg Drop Soup

There is nothing not to like about this Chinese treat. Egg drop soup is a great choice for a dinner in the winter since it provides the body with a sense of warmth and comfort. Furthermore, this dish is exceptionally savoury and delightful.

Soup may be ready in only ten minutes, and it’s a great accompaniment to dim sum for lunch or dinner.

16. Cha Gio

Meal consisting of ground beef wrapped in wheat wrappers and then deep fried; also known as Vietnamese egg rolls. Like dim sums, cha gio can be served either as an appetiser or a sweet finish to a meal.

It is typically served as an appetizer, but cha gio is made with ground beef or shrimp, minced mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and jicama.

17. Pasta Salad

While pasta salad is often served as an appetizer, it can also make for a great main course or even a side dish to go with dim sum. This flavorful salad can be prepared with any number of pasta shapes you like, and the result will be just as tasty and flavorful.

Vegetable oil, vinegar, and mayonnaise are the standard ingredients, and it’s typically served chilled.

18. Green Bean Salad

This simple and convenient recipe pairs well with dim sum and can be frozen for later use. Cheese, tomato juice, green beans, and onions are all part of this tasty meal’s ingredient list. The dish can be made much more delicious by the addition of shrimp, tuna, or beef.

19. Spring Rolls

You may serve this fantastically low-calorie appetiser alongside your dim sum. They are easy to prepare in the kitchen and won’t take more than an hour to eat.

Typical ingredients for the stuffing of these crispy Chinese snacks include various veggies, spring onions, minced beef, and a light seasoning of salt, chilli powder, and other spices.


Thus, you now have the full picture. The list of dishes that go well with dim sum is broad and varied. The dishes that are being enlisted aren’t very complicated or time-consuming to make. And they’re equally delicious at home or in an upscale Asian eatery.

You can’t go wrong with any of these great accompaniments to your dim sum dinner, and all nineteen of the dishes are great on their own.

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