Best Coffee For Beginners

Best Coffee For Beginners we recommend that you start with a cappuccino or latte if you are a beginner and want to try coffee. Flavored coffee makes it easier to get used to the taste of coffee by covering the bitterness with cream, sugar and other flavors.

Each morning I start my day with a cup of Arabica.

I can enjoy black or strong espresso, and recognize the distinct aromas and flavors in premium coffee.

However, this was not always true! It took me quite a while to become a good coffee connoisseur.

You don’t have to be a coffee snob if you want to make this delicious beverage part of your morning routine. Here are some easy steps to start drinking coffee.

How to Start Drinking Coffee

Many people find coffee so bland and difficult to taste that they are unable to drink it again. If you want coffee to be a part of your daily routine, there are several steps you can follow.

Here are some ways to enjoy coffee.

Learn More About The Different Coffee Beans

There are several types of coffee, each with its own unique flavor and aroma. Here is a brief overview of the various coffee beans.

Arabian coffee (Coffea arabica):

Arabian coffee beans are also known as “arabica,” “mountain” or “coffee bush of Arabia” and were thought to be the first coffee species to be cultivated.

They account for approximately 60% of the world’s coffee production, and are primarily grown in Latin America.

Arabica coffee beans are sweet and soft with fruity notes. The acidity of Arabica coffee beans is higher than wine, and this is why they are often compared with wine.

Arabica beans are grown at high altitudes, and can take several years to cultivate. Arabian coffee is more expensive than regular coffee and is often found in specialty coffee shops.

This Costa Rican organic Arabica coffee from Cafe Britt(r) is my favorite. It’s a little nutty and has hints of apple.

Arabian Mocha Java by Peet’s coffee is another favorite of mine. It is a rich combination of Java/Arabian mocha coffee beans with chocolate overtones.

Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora)

About 40% of all coffee worldwide is made from Robusta coffee beans. They are mostly grown in Africa and Indonesia.

They have twice the caffeine and a stronger flavor than Arabic coffee beans. The taste is described as bitter and grainy with a peanutty aftertaste.

Robusta coffee beans are cheaper and easier to grow than Arabic beans. These beans are used to make instant coffee, and they make up most of the coffee sold in retail stores in the US.

Coffea liberica (Coffea arnoldiana De Wild)

Best Coffee For Beginners About 3% of world coffee production is concentrated on liberica coffee beans. These beans are found in central and western Africa.

Although they are known for their floral and fruity aroma, they also produce coffee with a Smokey flavor. Liberica coffee is not common in the United States and other Western countries.

Get the Essential Coffee Gear for Making Best Coffee For Beginners

You need some tools to make great coffee. There aren’t any fancy tools, just the essentials that will make your coffee gold.

These 3 essential pieces of coffee gear will ensure that you don’t have to worry about poor coffee again.

A Kitchen Scale

If you want to make great coffee for beginners, a reliable kitchen scale will be a must. You will need different types and brewing methods to make great coffee. This means that the amount of beans required per cup can vary.

Coffee Grinder

Always grind your coffee beans at least two minutes before you brew. Best coffee for beginners, this will ensure that you get the best cup of coffee. Pre-grinding coffee beans reduces the aromatic compounds and retains all of the aroma and flavors that roasting brings out. Freshly ground beans are better than any other type of coffee. This coffee grinder is cool and works great.

A coffee maker

There are many ways to prepare coffee. Each method brings something different to the cup.

These are the top coffee makers.

Espresso machines

You can try different coffee brewing methods

Coffee can be made in many different ways. We will explain each brewing method in detail below.

Espresso Best Coffee For Beginners

Espresso is made by forcing water through finely ground coffee beans to create steam.

It’s generally thicker than other coffee and contains a higher level of dissolved solids.

Espresso is a concentrated coffee flavor that makes it a great base for many coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and macchiatos.

Although espresso has a higher caffeine per unit volume than other coffee beverages it is still much smaller in terms of serving size.

I purchased a very inexpensive espresso machine last year and am very pleased with it.

French press

A French press is a device that brews coffee using a mesh plunger or filter screen. For 2-4 minutes, ground coffee is steeped in hot water in a pot. The grounds are then separated by pressing the plunger and placed at the bottom.

French presses are best suited for coarsely ground coffee. French presses produce coffee with a rich, smooth flavor.

If you use a French press, brew your coffee with hot water at 2 tbsp coffee per cup. This brewing method is popular because of its portability and convenience.

A french press should be made of stainless steel to prevent rust. A double filter system is also recommended to ensure clear coffee without any grounds. The Mueller is a great choice.

Moka Pot

Moka pots are either stovetop or electric coffee makers that boil water and then brew coffee.

Moka pots make coffee using pressurized steam. This is similar to pressure cookers. This method produces a strong and intense flavor, sometimes with a creamy finish.

The Moka Pot is the most stylish coffee machine. Get one from Italy, like this BIALETTI.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is made with finely ground coffee beans. The coffee grounds are left in the cup when it’s served. It is usually brewed with sugar and other spices such as cardamom.

This brewing method is not only popular in Turkey but also in many Middle Eastern and Southeastern European nations.

Turkish coffee has a strong flavor that varies according to how much sugar is added.

Choose Your Favorite from the Most Popular Coffees People Drink

There are many options for coffee drinks, whether you’re going to a coffee shop or just deciding what coffee drink to make with your new espresso maker.

We have listed the top coffees people like to drink.


Usually served in a shot form with foam topping. Because of its higher concentration of caffeine, it is very popular. It can be used as a standalone beverage or mixed with other ingredients to create different beverages. This type of coffee can be made with bean-to-cup machines.


This is probably the best way for beginners to enjoy coffee. Hot steamed milk and espresso are used. A standard 8-ounce glass with steamed milk and one shot of espresso is used. Topped with foamed milk and sweetened or flavored.

Cappuccino Best Coffee For Beginners

Another espresso-based coffee drink, made with steamed milk. This is a smaller version of lattes and has a thicker foam layer. It usually contains 1/3 of the espresso, milk, or foam. Sometimes, it may be flavored with cinnamon and cocoa powder.


This is made by adding hot water to the espresso. It is similar to black coffee but has a deeper flavor profile. The espresso-making process creates a layer of foam that is usually topped off with the americano. The serving size determines the caffeine content of americano.

Iced Coffee

You can enjoy it chilled or brewed using a variety of methods. Cold brew is the most popular method of brewing iced coffee. This involves heating the coffee without cooling it. You can also make iced coffee by brewing it normally, then cooling it with a bit of ice. Iced coffee is less concentrated so it is usually brewed at a lower strength. Iced coffee is often sweetened or flavored.


Lattes with chocolate flavor. Hot steamed milk and espresso are used. Chocolate flavoring, sweetener (cocoa powder or chocolate syrup) is also added.

Mochas come in a variety of chocolate varieties, including milk, dark and white. Mochas are sometimes topped with whipped cream or foamed milk. They can be compared to hot chocolate.

Take notes and learn what you like

You are now ready to enjoy great coffee! You can take notes on the coffees you enjoy to help you narrow down your search for the best and determine what you should be looking for.

Start by making notes about these things.

Types of coffee beans

  • Its origin

  • Type of roast

  • Bean weight

  • Brewing method

  • Types of milk used

Coffee: Sweetened or unsweetened

You are supposed to enjoy the flavors

Your thoughts/the flavours you actually taste

You can track your tasting notes to help you identify the types of brews/origins that you enjoy. Maybe you prefer chocolatey notes or berry or citrus nuances in African coffees.

This app allows you to keep track of all the coffees that you have tried. You can also share your notes with others and learn more about coffee.

Best Coffee for Beginners 2022

Coffee black is the best way of tasting its flavors and texture. However, most coffee novices are put off by the bitter taste.

There is a way around it.

Start with coffee-based drinks if you are new to coffee!

For beginners, the best coffees are:

  • Iced or latte

  • cappuccino

  • Cafe Americano

  • mocha

Because it contains a lot milk, the bitter taste is neutralized by the latte/iced latté. This makes it the best coffee for beginners. To get the sweetness you desire, add a bit of honey or sugar to it.

Once you are used to the taste and aroma of milky coffee you can move on to cappuccino.

Cappuccino is stronger because it comes in smaller cups and contains less milk. To mask the taste, you can add sugar or ask your barista for some cinnamon or chocolate sprinkles.

Cafe Americano is a great way to keep trying different coffees.

Cafe Americano, on the other hand, is made with water. You don’t need to dilute espresso with milk as water doesn’t mask its flavors. This is where you can really taste the different flavors and nuances of the coffee bean.

You can always add milk or sweeteners if the taste is still too strong.

If you are still unable to have “real” coffee, you might try a mocha, which is a combination of hot chocolate and espresso.

Best Coffee for Beginners at Home

To get a great cup of coffee, you don’t have to go to Starbucks every day. You can make your morning coffee at home as good as the baristas in other parts of the country with a little patience and practice.

What is the secret to great coffee?

High-quality coffee beans

We have already discussed how to get started with coffee, so I will now share some of my favorite coffee blends that are perfect for beginners.

Peet’s Coffee’s Luminosa Breakfast Blend is a mild roast that tastes pleasant and smooth. It is soft enough to drink for beginners, but flavorful enough to be enjoyed by seasoned coffeeholics. Its unique feature is its sweet, fruity aroma which you will instantly love.

Another light roast blend that is perfect for beginners is the Costa Rica Aurora. This blend of Kenyan and Costa Rican coffee beans gives you a light, yet subtle, citrusy flavor with blackcurrant notes.

The Big Bang is Peet’s most popular customer choice. It is medium-bodied and perfect for both beginners and professionals. It is sweet and refreshing without any bitterness, unlike most medium-roasted coffees.

What are the Origins of Coffee?

Although there are many myths surrounding the origins and history of coffee, it can be dated back to centuries.

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopian plateau by a goat farmer who noticed that his animals were more energetic after eating berries from the plant.

His findings were reported by the monks of the monastery, who began to experiment with the berries. They found that consuming berries in a drink increased their energy levels and alertness.

The energizing coffee drink was discovered by many in the Arabian Peninsula. This is the place where coffee production and trading began in the 15th Century. (1)

Caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant and one of the most widely used psychoactive drugs in the world, is responsible for the stimulating effects of coffee. Ground coffee with tap water has approximately 95 mg caffeine per cup. (2)

Coffee plants can be found in over 70 countries today, including the equatorial regions that border North and South America and South America.

The following countries are home to coffee plants:

  • Tropical Africa

  • Madagascar

  • Comoros

  • Mauritius

  • Reunion in the Indian Ocean

Coffee production involves many steps.

After the coffee plants have reached ripeness, the berries can be picked, dried, and processed.

The “beans” are dried coffee berries, which are roasted at different temperatures to produce a variety of flavor.

After the coffee beans have been roasted, they can be ground and brewed with hot water to make coffee.

There are many ways to enjoy coffee.

What are the Health Benefits of Coffee?

Coffee is not only a comforting, warm beverage but it also offers a host of health benefits for those who consume it.

Coffee’s powerful antioxidants are responsible for most of its health-promoting properties. These include ferulic and caffeic acids as well as melanoidins or diterpenes. They protect cells from damage and may help boost immune system (3, 4, 5).

A daily intake of 3-4 cups of coffee is the optimal amount to provide health benefits. Some studies have shown that coffee can be as little as 1 cup or as high as 8 cups per day for health benefits (5-6).

These are some of the health benefits that coffee can bring to your body.

Energy levels increase

Caffeine in coffee can help you feel awake and alert. This can prevent you from falling asleep, increase productivity, and improve your reaction time (7).

Provides Important Nutrients

Even though coffee does not provide significant amounts of essential nutrients per cup it does contain trace amounts of B vitamins and phosphorus. This can be a problem if you drink more than one cup of coffee per day (2).

Optimizes Brain Health

Coffee may help improve memory and reduce symptoms of mood disorders like depression. It has also been shown that coffee reduces the risk of developing brain-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s (7, 8, 9).

It helps with weight control

People who consume coffee might burn more calories per day than those who don’t. This may help with weight loss and maintenance. Coffee is also very low in calories which can help you maintain your energy balance, especially if you’re trying to lose weight (9).

Lowers the risk of chronic illness

It has been proven that coffee can lower the risk of certain cancers, such as type 2 diabetes, liver disease and heart disease (10).

Improves Exercise Performance

Coffee’s ability increase adrenaline and to break down body fat may make you more endurance- and time-efficient while working out (11).

Encourages longevity

The best thing about coffee is its ability to prolong your life. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to die than those who don’t consume coffee (12).

It is important to note that the majority of studies on coffee consumption were observational. These studies don’t prove cause-and effect relationships. Each case will determine if you get benefits from coffee.

Is drinking coffee safe for beginners?

Caffeine can make some people extremely anxious.

Additionally, some populations could be especially vulnerable to the adverse effects of caffeine.

  • Women who are pregnant or lactating

  • Children and adolescents

  • People with mental or heart conditions.

Some studies have shown that women who drink large amounts of coffee have a higher chance of experiencing fractures after menopause. (13, 14, 14)

Caffeine can also cause addiction. It is not healthy to become dependent or abuse coffee. You should drink it in moderation and it is a good idea to have “breaks” from coffee every now and again to ensure your body doesn’t become dependent on it.

Before you start to drink coffee, it is worth speaking with your doctor if you aren’t already.

Five Final Tips to Get Coffee Drinking Started

Quality is the first priority.

There are many types of inexpensively-made coffees on the market. These coffees may be affordable but they do not capture the rich and complex flavors of coffee.

You don’t have to spend a lot to get good coffee. However, it is worth doing your research to find out the origin of the coffee beans, the place where they were grown and the time when they were roasted.

When making your own coffee, you should focus on whole beans and not ground coffee.

Ground coffee is a time-saver, but it will not preserve the flavor of coffee beans shells.

Fair Trade brands are worth considering

Fair Trade coffee is preferred by some people. This basically means that coffee producers get fair prices.

A Fair-Trade Certification does not necessarily affect the quality of the coffee. It ensures fairness and sustainability for everyone involved, from the coffee growers, to the workers, and the environment.

This is why it might be beneficial to begin your coffee-drinking ventures with a Fair Trade version.

Take it slow

If you are new to coffee, it is important to take things slow to avoid any digestive distress or adverse effects.

Start by drinking 2 ounces per day. Next, you can increase to 4 ounces and so on, until you find your ideal serving size.

Start with decaf

The caffeine content of coffee is another important factor to consider before you start drinking it. You may be averse to caffeine and want to try decaffeinated coffee. Before adding caffeine to your daily routine, you should consult your doctor.

These strategies will allow you to enjoy coffee and all it has to give!

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