Best Kenwood Food Processor 2020

Best Kenwood Food Processor 2022

Best Kenwood Food Processor 2020Are you looking for a family-sized, risk-free, and reliable food processor? Then the Best Kenwood Food Processor is the ideal one for you! It offers the practicality and efficiency of its patented space-saving design that will suit any kitchen size or shape.

It is lightweight in 2.91 kilograms and ideal for countertops in its 39 x 27 x 22 centimeters size. Its unique and exclusive dual drive system is 30 percent smaller than that of the usual best kenwood food processor. The rest of the product is designed in the same trademarked unit.

The powerful one-kilowatt max motor and variable speed plus pulse are guaranteed to process food in a short span of time with the highest quality produced by every heavy-duty food processor. Best Kenwood Food Processor has a working bowl with a capacity of 3 liters (with a working volume of 1.5 liters). It also includes a liquidizer that could hold up to 1.5 liters of liquid. The maxi blend canopy increases the working capacity of the bowl and prevents messy and unwanted spillage.

The machine also offers an array of attachments such as a centrifugal juicer, a citrus press, a multi mill, shredding disks, chopping blades, a dough tool and a metal twin geared whisk. The dishwasher safe parts are stainless and nontoxicРperfect for everyday use. The product also includes integral cord storage and a safety interlock system for a harmless food processing experience. With Kenwood, you and your family’s food processing could be so much fun and easy.

Kenwood KMC011 5 quart Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine, Stainless Steel

Kenwood KMC011 5 quart Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine, Stainless Steel


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