Can I Bring Spices On A Plane

Can I Bring Spices On A Plane?

Is it possible to bring spices into an aeroplane? Spices fit the bill as a dry or solid food that you can bring on an aeroplane with you.

Spices are allowed on planes, thus the answer is yes. If you strictly adhere to the tenets of the rules’ prevailing paradigms, the rules explicitly allow for it.

Spices can be brought on board in carry-on bags if they weigh less than 12 ounces, but if they do, they must be placed in checked luggage.

Can I Bring Spices On A Plane?

How do you pack spices for travel?

Labeling the containers in which the spices are stored is a crucial initial step. Instead of bottles or glass, use small plastic containers for storage.

This is due to the fact that bringing spices on an aeroplane in glass or plastic bottles would be prohibitively heavy.

What other food or things can I bring on a plane?

You will need to pack or ship any food or liquids that have a high concentration of liquid because this is against the rules at TSA security checkpoints. However, you can also choose to abandon them.

Food items you can pack in your carry on bags

Bread, candy, baby food, chocolate, cereal, cheese, cookies, ground coffee, cooked meat, dried fruits, crackers, fresh eggs or meat, frozen foods, seafood, vegetables, gum, honey, gravy, nuts, hummus, salt, pizza, sandwiches, and a number of other types of dry snacks are all allowed in carry-on bags.

Even lobsters are allowed on planes if they are contained in special glass, sealed containers that can’t leak.

That said, there are always going to be outliers. This is due to the fact that certain liquids, such as infant formula and breast milk, require special handling.

If you want to bring food on a trip, you should check the TSA website for particular information and requirements.

Other items you can bring and how to pack them

Here’s a list of approved items that can be brought on an aircraft or transported in your carry-on or checked bags at the airport.

Aerosol insecticide

As long as they are not labelled to be hazardous(HAZMAT), you can pack the aerosol insecticides in your checked luggage. These are particularly prohibited to be brought in carry-on luggage.

Air mattress with built-in pump

They are accepted in carry-on bags but with strict instructions. You should check the airlines to discover whether or not there are any restrictions on size or weight. Air mattresses with built-in pumps are very much okay to take in your checked luggage.

Airbrush makeup machine

The item is permitted in both the cabin baggage and the checked luggage.

Alcoholic beverages

Your checked bags may include alcoholic beverages with an alcohol concentration greater than 24% but less than 70%.

An individual passenger is limited to around 1.3 gallons of these beverages, or five litres. Not only that, but they need to be in factory sealed retail packaging.

However, you can bring any alcoholic beverage with an alcohol concentration of 24% or less in your checked bag.

Mini alcoholic beverages are permitted in checked baggage, but you should check that they will fit into a single quart-sized bag.


While deflated, they can be stored in a carry-on or checked bag.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes that are suitable for use on infants may be packed in either the carry-on or the checked luggage.

Baby Powder

Items that seem like powder and weigh more than 12 ounces (or 350 millilitres) may be subject to an additional X-ray screening procedure, even if they are permitted in your carry-on.

Powders more than 12 ounces should be packed in checked luggage rather than carried on.

Baby carrier

Your infant carrier may be packed in your carry-on or checked luggage.

Baseball bat

Items like clubs and bats that could be used as a bludgeon are not permitted in the cabin but are acceptable in checked bags.

Basketballs, Baseballs, Footballs

You can bring along as many sports balls as you like, so long as they all fit in a single quart-sized carry-on bag. If you choose, you can even encase them in your checked baggage.


This item can go in both your carry-on and checked luggage. If you plan on bringing them on board, double check with the airline that they will fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat.

Artificial skeleton bones

Both types of questions can be answered affirmatively. Items are permitted if they can be stored in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

Axes and Hatchets

These items must be checked in and cannot be brought on the plane in your carry-on bags.


Depending on the airline, it may be prohibited or allowed in checked baggage. Even if your airline permits carry-on luggage, you cannot bring these items. Wooden, fibre, or metal boxes are required for shipping.

All airlines have different rules and costs, so make sure to check with whoever you’re flying with. Last but not least, you have to stick to the regulations set down for transferring weapons. Be sure to ask the right questions because the regulations in this area might vary widely between municipalities, states, and countries.

Items that are completely prohibited

While the TSA allows passengers to bring many items onto aeroplanes, there are also plenty that do not comply with the regulations.

Plasma lighters, Arc lighters, E-lighters, Electronic lighters

In order to light up a cigarette or prepare food while travelling or once you reach your location, you will need to wait until you get there and buy a lighter. Like smoking, carrying any kind of lighter is prohibited on board the aircraft.

Alcoholic beverages that are over 140 proof

Airport security won’t let you transfer liquor with a proof higher than 140, grain alcohol, or rum that’s 151 proof. To put it bluntly, you can’t get your hands on any of these.

Bang snaps

BANG SNAPS (if you need to know more) CANNOT be transported in your carry-on or your checked bag.


Can you take herbs and spices on a plane?

In a word, “yes.” As long as a current phytosanitary certificate is present. Coffee, chocolate, and herbs are all examples of solid and dry foodstuffs that can be brought on board. This is not forbidden by any law or regulation.

Can you take a powder on a plane?

The maximum load that may be carried by the plane is specified by the manufacturer. In order to ensure that a plane does not exceed its maximum weight capacity, flight attendants are extremely cautious.

If the total weight of your powdered spices doesn’t exceed 12 ounces, you can bring them on board the plane with you. Label and claim additional weight items if necessary.

Can you take eyeshadow palette on a plane?

If the palette is less than 12 ounces in weight, then yes. This is especially important to remember when packing a makeup palette for a trip. When you put them in your checked bag, however, the rules change drastically because there are no weight limits.

If you must bring an eye shadow palette onto the plane, weigh it first so you can stow it discreetly.

What is the 311 rule?

Every passenger is permitted to bring on board a maximum of 100 millilitres (3.4 ounces) of liquid, gel, or spray in travel-sized containers. According to the regulation, any additional mass is forbidden.

In addition, the law specifies that each passenger is only allowed one quart bag of liquid, gel, shampoo, spray, contact lens solution, or any other products vital to the traveller.

Why are toothpaste not allowed on airplanes?

Why? Because a typical tube of toothpaste weighs around six ounces, making it too heavy to be classified as a gel or liquid. There are limits on how much toothpaste you can bring on a plane because of the size of the tube.

Bringing a tube of toothpaste that weighs more over 6 ounces (roughly the weight of a normal toothpaste) to an airport will result in your tube being confiscated and thrown away.

Can I Bring Spices On A Plane – Conclusion

Shockingly, the TSA allows practically any type of food or spice on a plane. Those few items that can never be checked in at an airport are the same ones we talked about before.

The methods of transporting the allowed items are also limited. There are items that must be packed in either your carry-on or your checked luggage, and there are others that can go in either.

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