Put Styrofoam In The Oven

Can You Put Styrofoam In The Oven

One of the most frequently asked questions in this day and age in which take-out and delivery are becoming more common is: Can you put styrofoam in the oven? Is it a good idea to heat leftovers or takeout food in the oven when they are in styrofoam containers?

Considering that styrofoam is microwave and microwave safe, people might think that it’s oven safe, too.

The foremost thing to determine is whether or not this is a risk So let’s find out whether styrofoam is safe to cook in the oven prior to attempting it.

Put Styrofoam In The Oven


What exactly is styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a trademarked product of The Down Chemical Company that manufactures Styrofoam by extrusion process of the polystyrene foam. In the USA, the term ‘styrofoam’ refers to a form made of polystyrene expanded.

Before we continue, we should take a short look at the difference between expanded polystyrene extruded and extruded polystyrene.

Extruded polystyrene is produced through a manufacturing procedure that involves the mixing of it into other components and then combining them.

Expanded polystyrene insulation (also known as heat or steam, is added to molds stuffed with polystyrene beads. They expand and become more solid.

Polystyrene is a material used to make various products that we use every day. It is made from the monomer ‘styrene.’

When transformed into a foam-like substance, Polystyrene is highly valued for its incredible cushioning capabilities. The type of Polystyrene used is around 95% air, making it extremely buoyant.

Taking a closer look at a chunk of styrofoam will reveal several white globes. They are the particles that have been enlarged to make a container, object, or similar item.

These beads you can find in Polystyrene are much smaller than the beads that are already expanded, which you see inside a piece of styrofoam. If you’ve got the beads you need, you can conduct some experiments to understand the process by which styrofoam is created.

If you place these beads in an iron mold, you can seal tight and fill it 1/3 of the way up with the beads, then boil them for a couple of minutes. After you take the mold off and allow it to cool, you will notice that the beads have grown quite a bit.

Polystyrene beads can also expand when microwaved using a small amount of steam or water.

What exactly is it that it’s used for?

Styrofoam is a popular material used to take-out containers, plates, and cups. This type of packaging is extremely light and convenient to store cold food items.

It’s the standard packaging you can use when getting your food items picked up or delivered.

How hot can styrofoam get?

If you’ve felt the styrofoam container with your fingers and felt how light it was and how light it is, you might be worried about placing it somewhere hot.

It could feel as if the box would dissolve into nothingness in a flash.

What is the melting point of styrofoam?

Because we know that styrofoam is polystyrene beads we examine the melting temperatures for these beads. The temperature at which the pieces melts is 464 degrees Fahrenheit or 240 degrees Celsius.

However it is true that a styrofoam container is likely to begin to shrink before the temperature gets to this point. The temperature should be 212 degF for a styrofoam bottle to begin to melt. Be aware that this is the temperature at which water boils for water.

What is safe to put in the oven?

There are a few items you can use that are safe to bake on the stove. Let’s take an overview of these to let you know which things to swap out to styrofoam.


Stainless steel and Cat’s Iron are two safe choices to heat foods in ovens.


It is possible to purchase oven-safe glass dishes that are an excellent choice. One of the reasons we like about these dishes is that they can also be used to serve food items, which means you can cut down on the number of things that must be cleaned following. Pans should not be used or dishes with wood or plastic detailing, however.


There are also ceramic dishes that can be placed on the stove. However, you must be sure to read the label to verify that the dish you purchase is oven safe.

Is it safe to place Styrofoam into the Oven?

Although most styrofoam products are safe to use in the microwave, it’s not recommended to place Styrofoam into the oven. Styrofoam has a melting point about 400 ° F and it could get to those temperatures in a short time when placed in an oven that heats up. It is also extremely flame-resistant, so avoid placing styrofoam in the oven in any way.

If styrofoam gets heated to a sufficient temperature, such as the temperatures you’ll find in your oven it will start to melt and , eventually, cause a fire. This could be hazardous to your health in a variety of ways.

First, styrofoam can become dark when it’s burned, and is considered to be poisonous. Styrofoam that is burning is not advisable to breathe in. It could make the air you breathe dangerous.

It is also dangerous to fire. If the styrofoam catches on fire, it could be a dangerous situation for your home and kitchen. In the event of a fire in an oven without immediate usage of an extinguisher for fires could be nearly impossible.

What is the purpose of Styrofoam Packaging to protect Food?

Compostable Food Containers, Disposable Togo Clamshell Containers with lid

The styrofoam containers are often used for food isn’t suitable for cooking in the oven, then why do we use it? There are a number of reasons that make styrofoam the top choice in food and restaurant containers.

The polystyrene material is cheaper than other options for packaging. Other alternatives are safer to the environment, such as biodegradable papers, bioplastics as well as recycled aluminum. However, the expense of these materials is not worthwhile for many delivery companies.

Styrofoam offers many benefits including insulation. The foam is a good thermal insulation that helps keep your food at a proper temperature. There’s no need to worry about hot food becoming cold or cold food getting warm while transporting.

Another benefit you’ve probably noticed before is how simple containers are to transport. Styrofoam is extremely light and holds the container’s shape exceptionally well. It is the ideal option for moving food from restaurants to your home.

Microwave Safe Vs Oven Safe Styrofoam

If styrofoam behaves this way in the oven, then why is it safe to microwave? Microwaves employ a method of cooking that utilizes magnetrons to cause molecules of your food, particularly the water molecules, to vibrate, creating heat. The chemical composition of Styrofoam ensures that the heating process doesn’t affect its properties in the exact same manner as other items.

An oven emits intense radiant heat through the use of an electrical heating device to heat objects for general heating purposes. This applies the needed heating to the styrofoam, which causes it to melt and melt, causing the health and safety issues that we discussed previously.

However, you must ensure you are using styrofoam is marked as safe for microwave use. The majority of them today are, however, always make sure to double-check prior to heating any Styrofoam.

Styrofoam is heatable in a microwave, but never in an oven, because of this distinction between the two heating methods.

Make yourself an offer and make sure your home is secure Keep your family members secure, and keep your pets safe by never ever placing styrofoam inside the oven. It’s a big danger to fires, it can create toxic smoke that fills your home, and cause a major headache if you end up accidentally with burning or melting styrofoam in your home.

What can you use to bake within the Oven Instead of Styrofoam?

We’ve found that it’s unsafe to make use of styrofoam when baking. So here are some options to make use of when baking.

1. Oven-Safe Container

Although styrofoam can be dangerous for baking There are plenty of alternatives for oven-safe containers. If you look over your containers for labels It should be simple enough to move your food items into this container prior to baking it.

2. A Cookie Sheet

In accordance with the kind of food you’re heating the flat pan, like the cookie sheet will work well. They offer plenty of room, which helps the food cook evenly cooking in ovens.

3. On Aluminum Foil

You can use aluminum foil to clean baking pans easily. It is also a great option to use as an additional layer on your oven pans while cooking dirty food items. Just remove all aluminum foils from any oven-safe dish you choose to use and then throw it away.

Final Thoughts

Can You Put Styrofoam In The Oven? While it may seem more convenient to cook your styrofoam dish inside the oven, you shouldn’t. It’s advised to use styrofoam inside the oven. Styrofoam can be flammable and has a melting temperature approximately 400 degrees F that it can reach quickly when baked.

Instead of opting for the most convenient option, products such as oven-safe containers and cookie sheets are safer for you to use when baking. Styrofoam containers are excellent to store food and for transporting it however they are not a secure choice for baking for baking!

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