Convection Microwave Oven Vs Grill Microwave Oven


What a grill microwave oven can accomplish, a convection microwave can do better is a slogan I coined after years of cooking and utilizing the microwave oven.

A microwave oven is an essential equipment since it can quickly prepare or reheat food, and its automatic capabilities allow you to focus on other tasks at the same time.

A convection microwave, on the other hand, uses less power while producing greater heat. As many people are confused about the distinction between convection and grill microwaves, I have provided a comparison of the two types of ovens below.

Grill And Convection Microwave Comparison


  • The heating process is lengthy.
  • Eco-mode grilling with 900-1700 watts of electricity
  • Magneto and radiant heater.
  • Preparation by means of heat, grilling, and toasting
  • Boosts the temperature of the food’s exterior


  • increases the rate of heating
  • Glass with inverted technique for tempering
  • A range of 1200-2200 watts
  • All the food will be heated evenly thanks to the fan and radiant heating element.
  • To prepare food by warming, cooking, baking, or thawing.
  • A fan blows warm air around the room.


  • Timing\TechnologysPower/Wattage
  • Thermodynamic Heating
  • What causes the heat

What is convection microwave oven?

To save consumers money, manufacturers have combined the functions of a grill and a conventional microwave oven into a single appliance known as a “Convection microwave oven.”

A convection oven can lower your energy costs and solve the problem of uneven cooking.

Microwave ovens with convection employ heated air circulating in the oven via convection. When air with a higher temperature comes into touch with a body with a lower temperature, the result is thermal convection.

It’s hot air from the oven’s chamber, where the food is at a lower temperature. So, with a convection microwave oven, the food is cooked while being blown on by the airflow. There is a fan inside the oven that helps to circulate the air, leading to improved baking results.

Due to the convection currents created by the oven, even when cooking in big batches, the food is cooked thoroughly and uniformly.

Due to thermodynamics, the convection microwave oven is able to speed up the cooking process.

Grill Microwave Oven

An ordinary microwave with a grill feature is called a grill microwave oven.

If you’re looking for something a little more high tech than a standard microwave, a Grill oven is the way to go. When compared to a standard or stand-alone microwave, a Grill microwave oven offers more options for preparing food.

You can mimic the results of a traditional barbecue grill on the go with a Grill microwave oven. It’s not necessary to use the microwave feature, and it’s much simpler to clean than a traditional barbecue pit.

Grill microwave ovens can also roast and grill food, defrost frozen foods, and prepare other staples like rice and pasta. Compared to normal or stand-alone microwaves, the cost of a grill microwave oven is higher.

Grill microwaves use both a magnetron and a radiant heating element to cook food.

Convection microwave oven vs grill microwave oven.

The food you cook in a convection microwave oven will have a browner, crispier exterior thanks to the fan that circulates hot air, while the food you toast or grill will benefit from the microwave oven’s grilling effect, thanks to the heating coil.

The cavity of a standard microwave is heated by elements at both the top and the bottom. However, a Conventional microwave oven has all the features of a grill variation and also has the ability to bake, roast, and brown food.

Grill microwave ovens typically lack temperature control features, while Convection microwave ovens typically do.

There is a price difference between a grill microwave and a convection microwave.

Sandwiches, tandoori chicken, grilling tikkas and kebabs, etc., are just some of the many dishes that may be cooked in a Grill Microwave oven.

A convection microwave oven can bake cakes, cookies, bread, roast meat, create brownies, and pizzas, in addition to doing everything else that a grill microwave oven can do.

Furthermore, when the ideal cooking level is reached, a convection microwave oven will automatically increase the temperature, whereas a Grill microwave oven may require the user to keep an eye on the food and make adjustments as necessary.

The range of power for a convection microwave is 1200 to 2200 watts, whereas the range for a grill microwave is 900 to 1700 watts.

Which is healthy otg or microwave?

OTG is favoured over microwave when it comes to health issues, which is why it is so crucial to pay attention to it. Electromagnetic waves are used in both OTG and microwaves.

They are sealed airtight, therefore there is no risk of leakage into the human body.

Due to OTG’s lower wattage, food takes longer to heat up and may not be evenly cooked in comparison to a microwave’s high temperature.

How To Use A Convection Microwave Oven

In a convection oven, the food is cooked by being exposed to air that is circulated by a fan. Understanding where to put the food trays is crucial. Nothing will go wrong if you put one plate or tray in the exact middle of the oven.

If using more than one tray, space them out by at least two cm to allow for proper air circulation.

To ensure proper air circulation in the oven, it is also important that the food trays be kept away from the oven’s walls. To get the most out of it, it is best to lower the temperature.

Additionally, it is suggested that the cooking time be cut down from what is mentioned in recipe books. Although you can cook just about anything in a convection oven, the finest results will be achieved when cooking meat dishes like a roasted turkey, which benefit from having both a crispy exterior and a juicier interior.

Though the heated air from a convection oven can quickly brown biscuits, it may leave cakes looking a little moist.

Choose silicone moulds and line baking sheets with butter paper for the best results when using molds for food preparation. It’s also preferable to use low or borderless baking trays so air can circulate around the food while it cooks.

Finally, don’t cover the food; doing so will prevent heat from reaching it and so defeat the purpose of cooking in a convection oven.

Convection Microwave Oven Uses

The microwave oven with convection cooking is a flexible appliance. The convection microwave oven may do the following things:

  • Most modern convection ovens may be operated from a mobile device, making them ideal for preheating.
  • Most convection microwaves are small enough to fit in kitchens of apartments and recreational vehicles.
  • The convection microwave’s moisture sensors make it ideal for a variety of cooking tasks, including boiling, reheating, and defrosting.
  • Just right for roasting, crisping, and baking. A whole chicken can be roasted, and angel food cake can be baked for dessert.
  • Even though the turkey will be roasting in the main oven, the green bean casserole can be prepared in the convection microwave.
  • The convection microwave oven is versatile, allowing you to bake cookies or a pizza on a rack without changing the cooking time.
  • When using the convection microwave oven’s automated convict cooking mode, preparing a beef roast is a breeze.

Best Convection Microwave Oven

In order to provide an informed recommendation for the best convection microwave oven, we must take into account the following criteria as a baseline against which to choose a suitable convection microwave oven. This is due to the following elements;

  1. Make sure the convection microwave is set up correctly.
  2. Make sure the microwave can handle the job.
  3. Verify the structure’s functionality and capacity on the inside.
  4. Consistency in performance is essential for a Convection microwave oven.
  5. Keep an eye out for defrost and heating features that work evenly.

The best convection microwaves are listed below.

Panasonic Convection Microwave Oven

The Panasonic convection microwave oven has the following features:

  • Broiling and air-frying are both possible in the Panasonic convection microwave oven. This convection oven is ideal for preparing many different dishes.
  • The rapid circulation of air causes the food to become crisp and brown. It’s possible to use this convection oven for baking and roasting at temperatures ranging from 100 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, with or without preheating.
  • It includes an automatic defrost feature, is compact, and stylish. There’s enough for a 14.2 inch turntable inside, so you can fit a 9 by 13 inch casserole dish or an entire chicken.
  • The Panasonic Oven has a 1000W Inverter Microwave, a Flash Xpress Broiler, an Air Fryer, and a 1300W Convection Bake Oven.

Galanz Convection Microwave Oven


You may learn more about the Galanz convection microwave oven by reading the features listed below.

  • The Galanz convection microwave oven is a three-in-one appliance with a 1.6-cubic-foot capacity, 1000 watts of power, and a microwave oven, convection oven, and air fryer.
  • Second, it’s built with a cooking feature called “combi-speed cooking” that produces food quickly.
  • To cook chicken, shrimp, and wings with minimal or no oil, the Galanz convection microwave oven is a go-to.
  • The Galanz convection microwave oven guarantees perfectly cooked meals every time. When the food is at an optimal temperature, the sensor reheats feature turns off by itself.
  • When you use a convection oven, the food rotates around a full 360 degrees, allowing the heated air to uniformly distribute and cook the food more quickly and thoroughly than in a conventional oven.
  • Make quick work of broiling and baking direct-heat items like fish and chicken, as well as fresh-from-the-oven treats.

Kitchenaid Dual Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

The KitchenAid Convection microwave has the following features:

  • The KitchenAid convection oven comes highly recommended as the best convection microwave oven due to its adaptability, 12 preset cooking functions, time-saving features, and non-stick inside.
  • In just over an hour, the KitchenAid convection microwave oven may outpace a dual convection bake oven by as much as 20% in speed while baking two whole chickens.
  • It’s simple to operate and comes with a temperature probe that gives you full command over your cooking.
  • Simple to clean up after use. Just suited for poultry dishes, pastries, desserts, etc.

Nuwave Bravo Convection Oven


  • You can air fry, bake, roast, broil, and do so much more in the Nuwave Convection oven, making it a strong contender for the title of best convection microwave oven.
    Changing the environment’s temperature, heating, and ventilation settings is a breeze.
  • The Nuwave convection microwave oven includes 12 preprogrammed cooking actions, allowing you to do everything from air frying to baking to broiling to toasting to grilling to dehydrating to reheating to defrosting to generating high-quality pizzas and waffles with the push of a single button.
  • An integrated digital thermometer ensures that your food is cooked to perfection every time by letting you monitor the internal temperature while it cooks.
  • When your meat, seafood, or poultry reaches the desired temperature, this probe will automatically turn off the Bravo.
  • The Nuwave convection oven uses cyclonic hot air ranging from 100°F to 450°F (within 5°F accuracy) to evenly distribute and penetrate food using conduction, convection, and radiant heat.

Luby Convection Toaster Oven


  • Among convection microwave ovens that cost less than $80, the Luby model stands out as the finest option.
  • The convection microwave oven of the Luby is great for cooking and baking food quickly and evenly. The space is adequate for preparing daily meals. You can accommodate 6 slices of bread or a 10-inch pizza in this convenient convection microwave oven.
  • It won’t take up much room on the counter, yet it’s versatile enough to cook just about everything.
  • The modern style and array of fashionable color selections make this an ideal wedding or housewarming present.
  • Very user-friendly, with four upper and lower heating sources. There’s a button you can push that will automatically turn the appliance off, and a ringing bell will let you know when the food is done.

Oste Digital Convection Oven


  • The French doors on the Oste convection oven are stainless steel, and the overall construction is sturdy.
  • Ideal for making a lot of food at once. A fast and even way to cook your meals. Currently, the best microwave to buy is a convection model like the one we’re recommending.

Can you grill in a convection oven?

The correct response is “yes,” and it will need original thinking. Here’s the deal on

  • Use a pan designed for high heat and rapid fat drainage to prevent grease fires; manufacturers recommend broiler pans.
  • The crisps’ exterior and flavor can be optimized by cooking them at just the proper temperature. The range for the temperature is from about 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. For a thicker dish, like chicken, you might need to raise the oven temperature.
  • Proper rack placement: The flavor of your food may change depending on where you put the rack. When grilling in a convection oven, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adjusting the oven rack.
  • A properly functioning fan in a convection oven is essential for achieving uniform cooking results.

Difference Between Microwave With Grill And Combination

The price of a combo microwave is more than that of a grill microwave. As its name suggests, a combination microwave is equipped with grilling, roasting, and baking capabilities. The grill microwave oven is limited in comparison to the combination microwave. The combination microwave oven is more advanced than the standard or grill microwave oven in terms of the number of auto cook settings and the number of cooking stages it offers. Last but not least, the combination microwave oven is more cumbersome and heavy than the grill or standard microwave oven.

Grill Or Convection For Pizza

Is pizza possible to cook on a grill? In fact, you may use it to cook a pizza at home. And it’s the same with a microwave that uses convection heating. Does pizza taste better when cooked on the grill or in the oven? It’s entirely up to you.

Some people think that the smoke from the grill improves upon the flavor of pizza cooked in a convection microwave oven, thus they opt to utilise the grill instead. Some people think that you can get the same fantastic taste using either a grill or a convection microwave oven.

Homemade pizzas cooked on the grill and in a convection microwave turned out great the one time I tried it. All of their preferences were distinct.

Pizza dough does not, and cannot, fall through grill grates, so please don’t worry about that happening.

Be sure your grill is hot enough so the dough can brown nicely on the outside.

Can grill microwave oven bake?

I think every house needs a microwave oven. When it comes to kitchen appliances, I rank a microwave right up there with a gas stove, an electric range, etc. If you only have a four-burner gas stove but need to prepare five dishes at once, the microwave can stand in as the fifth burner.

A microwave oven is an indispensable appliance for the modern, time-starved homemaker. The grill microwave oven and the convection microwave oven are the most common types of microwave ovens.

The question “Can grill microwave oven-bake?” appears frequently in the comments section of the recipe articles I post online.

Here’s why: To answer your question, no, a grill microwave oven cannot be used for baking.

As its moniker suggests, a gill microwave is designed for grilling. However, you might be able to bake some items in a grill/combo microwave oven.

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