What Is The Difference Between Corelle Vitrelle And Livingware


Setting the table won’t seem like such a chore when you have nice dishware and dinnerware. On the contrary, we may expect a good time.

Dishes from brands like Corelle Livingware encourage originality when setting the table.

What separates Corelle Vitrelle from Livingware, nevertheless, remains a mystery.

Are there any discernible differences in terms of form, size, or hue? Is there a connection between the two in terms of the material? Can you tell me if they include any harmful substances like bisphenol A, lead, or cadmium? Does eating them make you sick because of the chemicals they release?

All of these are common concerns with Vitrelle, Corelle, and Livingware, among others. Continue reading and you’ll learn everything you need to know about these meals.

What is vitrelle?

Corelle dishes and servingware are made from vitrelle. Corelle tableware is made from Vitrelle, a tempered glass that is durable and scratch-proof.

Can you microwave corelle vitrelle?

In response to your question, you can use Corelle Vitrelle products in microwaves and normal ovens preheated to temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius).

Is vitrelle glass breakable?

Vitrelle is special tempered glass that can’t be broken or chipped like regular glass. Corelle dinnerware is just as delicate and see-through as fine china, but far more durable due to the use of unique glass.

What Is The Difference Between Corelle Vitrelle And Livingware

Corelle tableware is made with Vitrelle, a unique glass technique that makes it more durable and less prone to breaking and chipping. In contrast, the Corelle Livingware range features colours like White Frost and patterns like flowers.

What is corelle livingware?

One subset of the Corelle brand’s offerings is called Corelle Livingware.

Most Corelle Livingware pieces are a brilliant white shade known as frost white, and we highly recommend them because they are completely lead-free and widely regarded as some of the finest dinnerware created in the USA.


The flowers and curved lines that decorate the interior and exterior of some Corelle Livingware patterns stand out.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, including bowls, plates, and even whole dinner service.

Dishes from the Corelle Livingware line are suitable for use in a motorhome since they are portable, stackable, microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and durable.

Here are some plates from the Corelle Livingware line:

The 18-Piece White Frost Dinnerware Set by Corelle Livingware

Dinner dish, 10.25″, White Frost by Corelle Livingware

C.R.L. (Corelle) Tableware Plate with a white frost finish that measures 12 14 inches in diameter

White frost 20-ounce pasta bowl by Corelle Livingware

is corelle lead and cadmium free?

Different expert lead testing on Corelle dinnerware have shown that not all of it is safe from lead and cadmium. Corelle’s white, unglazed tableware is the only option for those concerned about lead and cadmium contamination. The lead and cadmium levels of the white Corelle dinnerware are completely safe.

Corelle Coordinates

Like its sister product, Corelle Livingware, Corelle Coordinates is a part of the Corelle tableware brand’s extensive portfolio. You can find Corelle Coordinates in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making it a flexible option for both everyday use and special occasions.

Appetizers, nibbles, dips, crackers, almonds, and chocolates are just some of the many possible uses for Corelle Coordinates items. It’s a sleek and practical piece of tableware. It’s helpful to know how to use Corelle Coordinates in everyday situations.


Glass, wood, and stoneware are the materials used to create Corelle Coordinates. Take care when handling your Corelle Coordinates tableware, since it is fragile and could shatter if dropped or knocked too hard.

You shouldn’t take your Corelle Coordinates camping or use them for anything other than recreational activities. Pay close attention to the highlighted text if you’re in the market for RV and camping dinnerware.

No direct heat source, including the cooktop, broiler/grill, microwave browning element, toaster oven, or range heat vents/pilot light/open flames, etc., should be used with or near Corelle Coordinates.

Microwaveable dishes, including Corelle Coordinates, are not suitable for microwaving individual portions of meals. It may overheat, crack, or break if handled improperly.

Glass or stoneware Corelle dishes are microwave and oven safe.

Do you like stoneware or Corelle? Preheated microwaves and regular ovens can both be used safely with dinnerware.

In order to safely warm empty plates and bowls for serving, only use a normal oven that has been preheated. Glass and stoneware Corelle co-ordinators can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Here are a few instances of Corelle Coordinates:

White serving platter with a large dip pattern by Corelle

Sauce Pitcher and Saucer Matching Set by Corelle

Portofino serving platter, designed to coordinate with Corelle dinnerware.

Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set by Corelle that Looks Great Together

Porcelain pitcher with Corelle Coordinates pattern, 1.5 quart

The Portofino Serving Bowl by Corelle

Soup and Cereal Bowl with Matching White Livingware Winter Frost Corelle Coordinates

Abundance 3-Piece Bake and Serve Bowl Set by Corelle

The Corelle Sense of Plenty Teapot

The sugar bowl and creamer are part of a set by Corelle called Callaway, and they’re coordinated with each other.

Corelle Classic

The Corelle Classic collection offers an additional option for shoppers interested in the Corelle name. The majority of Corelle Classic dishes and dinnerware contain circular or floral motifs on a white frost background. Corelle Classic dinnerware is made out of either vitreous glass, ceramic, or stoneware.


The classic French bistro and American diner ware that served as inspiration for the Corelle Classic tableware set.

The Corelle Classic set is an everyday, classic, and adaptable dinnerware collection perfect for both breakfast and dinner.


The Corelle Classic set is a classic example of American tableware; it is made of triple-layered, robust glass that is both chip- and break-resistant and completely non-toxic.


Corelle Classic tableware is desirable since it is lightweight, can be stacked simply, and requires little storage space in the kitchen, making it ideal for use by the elderly.


These plates are also a great representation of American-made stoneware dinnerware. Corelle Classic dinnerware is microwave and preheated oven safe, and it also holds up well in the dishwasher.


Sets of tableware from the Corelle Classic line include the following examples.


Corelle 8-Count Classic Café Blue Dinnerware


Four-piece appetiser plate set featuring the classic holiday berry pattern by Corelle.


Corelle Lunch Plate, 8.5″, Classic Café Blue by Livingware (Set of 8)


This 16-piece dinnerware set from Corelle Livingware comes in a timeless cafe blue and features enough pieces to feed four people.

Is corelle swept discontinued?

Is corelle swept discontinued?

There has been no official announcement that Corelle Swept is no longer produced, so if you’re looking for it, keep in mind that it may be hard to track down. The Corelle Boutique range includes both the Cherish and Swept patterns.

Both the Corelle Boutique Cherish and Corelle Boutique Swept patterns are conventional in shape, although Cherish is square while Swept is circular.

The unique and durable Vitrelle glass used by Corelle is combined with an understated sense of style to create the elegant Corelle Boutique collection of dinnerware. The Corelle sweeping line can be heated in the microwave and dishwasher without damaging the dishware, can be used in the freezer without fear of it cracking, is lightweight, and can be stacked for convenient storage.

From 2013 through 2021, Corelle’s Swept pattern was available as part of the company’s Boutique range.

How To Spot Fake Corelle

Avoiding fake Corelle can be done by only purchasing from trusted sources like Amazon, eBay, or the official Corelle website.

One perk of shopping at these stores is that you can return your purchase if something goes wrong.

The second way to spot a genuine set of Corelle dinnerware is to check the bottom of the serving pieces for the Corelle logo. But I’m not sure if the Corelle name is stamped on every piece of dinnerware they make.

My Corelle Plate Shattered

While it’s well knowledge that Corelle won’t crack or chip under normal use, buyers often wonder if it can be shattered. Corelle dinnerware can break if smashed on purpose against a concrete floor, for example.

The second safety precaution you should take with your new Corelle dinnerware set is to use and clean it exactly as directed.

Corelle Old Town Blue Contains Lead


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