Does Corelle Dinnerware Break


In this piece, we’ll talk about the features that make Corelle tableware so special. Corelle’s durability against cracking and chipping is one of its best features. The question “Does Corelle Dinnerware Crack?” is thus brought up.

Because of its durability, strength, beauty, and elegance as well as its availability in a wide range of colors and designs, Corelle has become an increasingly popular brand throughout time. Corelle is the way to go if you want to wow your guests at your housewarming party.

Corelle is made out of Vitrelle, which is a tempered glass product made of two different types of glass fused into three layers. That’s why the dinnerware is so long-lasting.

If you own a set of Corelle dinnerware or are thinking about purchasing one and are worried about it breaking, keep reading. We’ve done the legwork and identified the solution, so you don’t have to.

Corelle Dinnerware Sets


A lot of people don’t understand why Corelle plates and bowls are so commonplace. About half of all U.S. households own a set of Corelle dinnerware, contributing to the brand’s widespread recognition.


The first televised appearance of a Corelle dining set was in the 1940. What separates Corelle place settings from the rest of the pack?

The exclusive and widely adopted use of Vitrelle glass gives Corelle dinnerware sets their distinctive character and widespread appeal. Corelle tableware is multipurpose in that it is thin, stronger than conventional ceramic dinnerware, and as translucent as fine china thanks to its cutting-edge manufacturing process.

Dishwasher safe, lightweight, chip and break resistant, scratch and stain resistant; these are just a few of the qualities shared by dish sets made by Corelle.

The question is, “What else is there?” Having a set of Corelle dishes will free up a tonne of cabinet space in even the tiniest of kitchens.

Because Vitrelle glass is non-porous, consumers prefer Corelle sets to those made with normal glass. Corelle dinnerware is superior in strength than standard dish sets and glass because it is made of three heat-strengthened layers (laminating top and bottom).

When it comes to safe, American-made dinnerware, few brands compare to Corelle.

If you want to know everything there is to know about Corelle dinnerware sets, check out this post: Corelle dinnerware created in the USA.

Does Corelle Dinnerware Break


Yes, Corelle will shatter if dropped from a large height, crushed against a hard floor, or struck by a sharp instrument. The damage will also be impacted by the direction that the Corelle tableware falls.

As opposed to a standard dish, Corelle shatter into thousands of tiny, sharp pieces when broken. Bear in mind that the phrase “chip and break resistant” does not imply indestructibility.

Is corelle microwave safe?

Since the glass used in Corelle dishes and dinnerware sets is tempered during production, they can be safely heated in the microwave, though it’s best not to go beyond the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.

To discover more about microwaving food in Corelle plates, whether or not all Corelle dishes are microwave safe, and how hot can Corelle get in the microwave, I recommend reading the post on “Are Corelle dishes Microwave Safe.”

Break-Resistant Dinnerware


There are other similarly durable options to Corelle dinnerware sets. Examine them here:

Gibson offers a break and chip resistant dinnerware set for the home. The Gibson is built to last thanks to its construction from only the strongest Opal glass. It’s also convenient for daily usage because it’s light and sturdy and can withstand heat and water from the microwave and dishwasher without losing its form.

Gibson’s dinnerware set is inexpensive and durable, with features including its ability to withstand being dropped or smashed and its stack ability. This brand of tableware has been around for over 40 years because it is both attractive and durable



These gorgeous, break-resistant tableware sets made of Melamine will quickly become your favorites. There won’t be any more shattered dinnerware.

Melamine dinnerware is more lightweight than traditional dinnerware made of more fragile materials like ceramic or porcelain.

This Melamine dinnerware set is great if you’re short on storage space, and it stacks easily to save room; however, it should not be heated in the microwave.

If you want to have an outdoor dinner party, you should get the melamine sets because they are durable and won’t break easily.

Why is corelle dinnerware expensive?

Corelle tableware isn’t pricey. The pricing range is within the reach of the lowest class, medium and upper class. Corelle has diverse designs by year and design.

Corelle is one luxury brand of tableware that anyone may afford to acquire with little budget. You can acquire Corelle bowls and white frost launch plates from at $18.

Why is corelle out of stock everywhere?  

We do not presently have a shortage of Corelle tableware. You may buy Corelle in many different styles and colors from either Amazon or the Corelle website, depending on where you live. You may get Corelle in the homewares section of major supermarkets and department stores.

Customers generally worry that Corelle will eventually stop making their preferred pattern (discontinued) or that they will run out of stock.

Corelle Complaints

There have been numerous complaints from customers who have purchased Corelle dinnerware sets. Some consumers have complained that their Corelle dishes have broken in the microwave, cracked after a fall, or tested positive for lead or cadmium.

When it comes to the first issue, I always suggest reading and following the dinnerware’s care and use instructions provided by the manufacturer.

For example, most consumers don’t care if you use your Corelle dinnerware in the microwave or dishwasher, but you shouldn’t use it over open flames or direct heat sources like a grill.

I have done extensive study into whether or not Corelle is poisonous, whether or not it includes lead or cadmium, and how to tell if your dinnerware, especially Corelle, contains harmful elements.

Which is better melamine or corelle?

You may be asking why individuals think melamine is the same as Corelle. What I’m about to say is this. Lightweight, shatterproof, and durable are all qualities shared by Melamine and Corelle tableware sets.

We can therefore agree that these sets of tableware are ideal for the elderly and youngsters because of their small weight.

Still, Melamine and Corelle aren’t quite the same thing. Specifically, they are the following:

While Melamine dinnerware is produced in the United States, Corelle dinnerware is an import.

Melamine is a form of hard resins that has a high sheen because of its plastic composition, while Corelle is a brand of glassware and dishware constructed of triple-layer Vitrelle tempered glass.

Melamine shouldn’t be heated above a certain temperature. In contrast to melamine, Corelle can be used in the microwave and oven if the appropriate precautions are taken.

Corelle dinnerware sets, especially the white frost Corelle dish, are toxin-free and will not leach chemicals into your food, making them suitable for use with both hot and cold dishes, while melamine dinnerware sets should only be used for serving food at moderate temperatures.

As a result, those concerned with their health avoid using Melamine tableware, as it breaks down at temperatures exceeding 71 degrees Celsius.

Given the foregoing, what criteria should we apply to determine which is more suitable for everyday application? It’s clear that Corelle dinnerware sets are better for your health than Melamine ones, thus I suggest you go with these.

If you want to know how to pick the greatest healthy option dinnerware set, read this page.

Does corelle break easily?

While it’s true that Corelle can shatter under enough pressure or a hard enough fall, the tempered glass layers it’s made from make this a rather rare occurrence. As a result, Corelle has a high probability of bouncing back to its original shape after a fall, depending on its nature and the surrounding environment.

Is corelle dinnerware durable?

Depending on how often and how carefully it is used and cleaned, Corelle tableware can endure for more than two years.

Vitrelle, the material from which Corelle is fashioned, is a laminate consisting of glass layers with various coefficients of thermal expansion that have been fused together thermally.

This is the secret behind Corelle’s unbreakability, strength, adaptability, and durability.

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