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Best Food Processor Attachment: 8 Popular Extras

food processor attachmentDo you want to expand your kitchen machine with extra attachments? Or have you lost a part? Because you can easily expand your machine with new attachments and accessories, you make your kitchen machine extra versatile. These are the 8 most popular attachments for your food processor.

A small side note: before you spontaneously order accessories: make sure that the accessory you want to order fits on your kitchen machine! In the description of the accessories, it is often indicated which brand of a food processor and which type you can put the attachment. So read carefully to avoid a bad buy!

Which accessory are you looking for?

Best Food Processor Attachment Guide 2022

Extra whisks and beaters as an accessory

A food processor’s standard capabilities include whipping and mixing. It is not without reason that such a food processor is a real must-have for anyone who likes to make pies, cakes, and cookies. A food processor almost always has one or two whisks as standard, but not always food processors. For a food processor, you can, in some cases, buy a whisk or beater as an attachment so that you can also use your food processor to make the batter. You can leave your hand mixer in the cupboard or sell it because from now on you only need one device for all the jobs in the kitchen.

Dough hook

Kneading dough: if you’ve ever done it, you know it’s not an easy job. It takes a long time to knead the dough and make it supple so that it can rise well in the oven afterward. Muscle pain in your arms or shoulders after an afternoon of baking is therefore not surprising.

If you have a food processor, you will never have to make physical efforts to knead the dough again. The machine does that for you! That is if you have the right dough hooks for your food processor. You put the dough hooks on your machine, press the button to the desired position, and you can read a book or watch your favorite series in the meantime. After a while, you come back, and the dough is kneaded for you. How easy is that ?!


Maybe you already have a blender at home, but did you know that you can also expand your food processor with a blender? Especially if you do not yet have a blender, this is a very valuable addition to your food processor. For example, you can make delicious, healthy smoothies with a blender. This way, you get the recommended daily amount of vegetables and/or fruit in one go, ideal!

Making smoothies is the most well-known functionality of a blender, but you can do a lot more with it. Consider, for example, making:

  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Baby snacks
  • Crushed ice cubes for cocktails

In short: a blender is super multifunctional and a very nice accessory for your kitchen machine.

View kitchen machines with blender here. Is your kitchen machine also included?

Citrus press

What could be better than a delicious, freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast on the weekend? You can get started with a manual press yourself, but if the pressing is done automatically, it is so easy. You can purchase an automatic citrus press for this, but that means that you have another kitchen appliance that takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. Not exactly handy. And if you already have a food processor, you might as well buy a  citrus press as an attachment!

Many kitchen machines are already equipped with a juicer as standard. Not only super handy for oranges, but also for squeezing lemons and other citrus fruits. Shop a citrus press for your food processor now.

Cutting and grating discs

Grating or slicing vegetables has never been easier with slicing and grating discs. Many food processors already have one or more of these discs as standard, but kitchen machines by no means always. Fortunately, you can buy separate discs for many kitchen machines to grate and slice your ingredients.


Do you want to chop nuts or herbs yourself? Then you have to be very good with a sharp kitchen knife or another tactic. If you have a food processor with a chopper, you don’t need any knowledge or skill of chopping ingredients. You then add the ingredients into the mixing bowl, put the lid on (this is an essential step to prevent your entire kitchen from being covered with food!) And press the desired setting. Just wait, and in just a few seconds, your ingredients are finely chopped in the chopper. 

Meat grinder

Add a meat grinder to your food processor, and you instantly become a true professional in the kitchen. Because working with such an accessory is not for everyone.

With a meat grinder, you can grind raw meat as well as cooked meat. The name may be a bit confusing because did you know that you can also use a meat grinder to process fish or vegetables?

French fries slice

It cannot be crazy enough: you can even make your own fries with a best food processor! For the kitchen machines from the popular MUM4 series from Bosch, you can buy an attachment ( disc for fries ) to make fries from potatoes. How nice is that ?! Also nice to try: homemade sweet potato fries. Success guaranteed!

Attachments for every food processor

As we mentioned in the introduction to this article: pay close attention to whether the attachment you have spotted actually fits on your kitchen machine. We have already made it easy for you by collecting the accessories per brand. Select the food processor you have and discover the extensive range of accessories for your food processor.

  • KitchenAid accessories
  • Bosch accessories
  • Kenwood accessories
  • Smeg accessories

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