how to make breadcrumbs without food processor

How To Make Breadcrumbs Without Food Processor

how to make breadcrumbs without food processor

Most people don’t use breadcrumbs much these days, but if you need them for something, it’s usually quite hard to find pre-made ones. These days, most baked goods have gluten free versions too, so often there are no crumbs at the store either. Learn How To Make Breadcrumbs Without Food Processor. Make soft bread crumbs by using an espresso grinder or blender. Use an grater box or rolling pin mallet from the kitchen for toasting crumbs.


I didn’t own a food processor for a while and I was thinking I could not make bread crumbs from scratch.

Do not be deterred. I checked out my kitchen and came across five tools that could replace the food processor. Most likely, you have one of these at hand in the kitchen.

Bread crumbs are tiny pieces of bread, fresh or toasty, and used to cover crispy food items or to decorate casseroles.

The difficulty with making breadcrumbs is getting them to be uniform in size. Check out the five tools I employed and the unique difficulties to making breadcrumbs that each tool faced.

Be careful in making bread crumbs from toasty bread. Toasted bread slices aren’t as tolerant like fresh bread slices once you crush them. It’s easy to over-process them, and result in the breadcrumbs powder. It’s not very tasty.

Read the article on how to make bread crumbs and learn 3 methods to toast bread to make bread crumbs.

How To Make Breadcrumbs Without Food Processor

Five tools I have employed to make Breadcrumbs without food processor are coffee grinders or spice grinders and a blender. Also, a box grater, a roll pin and mallets.

Certain of these tools require bread to be cooked before it can work.

No.1: Use a Small Coffee or Spice Grinder

I have a Krups Coffee/Spice grinder. I use it daily in order to crush flax seeds. Be sure to clean it off thoroughly prior to grinding bread crumbs otherwise it will taste just like the other food items you grind. Flax bread crumbs are delicious!

A coffee grinder or spice grinder produces amazing breadcrumbs that are soft and delicious.

How to make Bread Crumbs using the help of a Spice Grinder or Coffee

  • Slice 2 slices of bread in chunks or chop into cubes.
  • Then add small pieces of bread at a given time to the coffee grinder, and then pulse between five and eight times until you have the perfect texture.
  • Take out the final batch of breadcrumbs.
  • Repeat the process for other bread pieces.

It can be a bit more challenging to use a grinder to create toasted bread crumbs. It is very easy to over process and cause the bread crumbs to become too thin.

However, this could occur very rapidly. To get around this problem make sure to process the toast pieces in smaller portions for shorter time periods and be sure to check your bread crumbs more frequently. My experience has shown that the primary use of the crumbs of bread is to thicken soup.

No.2: Use a BlenderUse a Blender

My most used blender is Vitamix. This Vitamix food container for flour can be a reliable food processor replacement.

If you’re looking for an easier blender to create bread crumbs look into these blenders

To create the crumbs, make use of the pulse setting on the Vitamix or any other blender, so you can manage the speed of processing.

  • Break the fresh or toasty bread up into small pieces.
  • Include a few pieces of crushed bread into the blender.
  • Pulse up at least three times.
  • Verify the consistency of the crumb.
  • Continue to pulse until you achieve the desired level of consistency.
  • Take the bread crumbs and then sift. Take out the large crumbs and then reprocess.

Check your breadcrumbs. If the breadcrumbs have good quality however some pieces remain large, take the pieces. Sort through the larger pieces and then reprocess.

No. 3: How To Make Breadcrumbs Without Food Processor Using a Box Grater

Use a Box Grater

A box grater is only able to work with dry or toasty bread. It’s one of the more difficult technique. Be aware when you grate particularly when your fingers are near to the edge of the grater. Make sure you don’t cut your fingers while using the grater.

Slice the entire slice of toast. Don’t break it up into pieces.

The use of a box grater was quicker than I had thought it would be. I soon was at the last. The grater created smaller pieces that were more uniform in size because the holes in the grater were of the identical dimensions.

No. 4: Use a Zip Top bag and Rolling Pin

Use a Zip Top bag and Rolling Pin

Another method to create How To Make Breadcrumbs Without Food Processor is using the rolling pin. This is only applicable to toasty bread.

Step 1: To toast your bread, you can use the oven or in a toaster oven. The toast should be extremely dry in order for this method to be effective. Once the toast has cooled cut it into pieces and then place it in a the zip-top bag.

Step 2: Roll the bread you’ve toasted using the rolling pin until it becomes a break it up.

If the bread doesn’t crumble right away the bread hasn’t been sufficiently toasted. Toasting bread should cause it to crumble rather than flatten. If the bread is flat, toast the bread pieces and repeat the process until the moisture is gone from the bread.

No. 5: Use a Zip Top Bag and Kitchen Mallet

Use a Zip Top Bag and Kitchen Mallet

In lieu of a roll pin try using a mallet from the kitchen. With the bread pieces that have been toasted securely in a zip top bag, lightly press (an exaggeration perhaps) using a mallet from the kitchen to break up the bread crumbs.

How to Store Bread Crumbs

How To store Breadcrumbs Without Food Processor

Prepare bread crumbs ahead of time when you’re going to need them, and put their contents in freezers for up or two months. The bread crumbs are sealed inside a zip-top freezer bag. Tag and mark the bag using a permanent marker prior to you place it in the freezer.

Here’s the solution the Tasty Tips of the Day How To Make Breadcrumbs Without Food Processor. You can make use of five different tools to make an alternative to food processors to create bread crunch.

Don’t get me wrong. The use of a food processor the most effective method to make breadcrumbs. If you don’t own one, you can try one of these options and tell me your thoughts.

I’m always searching for creative ways to make things. So if you have an idea for a different way to make bread crumbs post it in the comments below and be sure to share it with our tasty community.

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