How To Make Butter In A Food Processor

How To Make Butter In A Food Processor

Making your own butter at home is easy and it only takes a few minutes. The trick how to make butter in a food processor is by putting the heavy whipping cream in the freezer for about an hour before you start. This will help solidify the cream so that when you blend it, it doesn’t turn into whipped cream. Also make sure that your food processor container is completely dry, if there’s even a small amount of water on the blade or bottom of the bowl – this will prevent proper blending which can result in “sloshing” instead of real churning.

There are several occasions where you could be looking to make butter from scratch. These include an event for brunch with guests you desire to impress on the day of mother’s, father’s day, or even an anniversary when you would like the person you’re cooking for be aware of how much you cherish you.

1. Pour cream into a food processor

Get the cream of the highest quality that you will find–“the less pasteurized, the more flavorful,” says Anna Stockwell. “Unpasteurized cream turns into butter more quickly, and tastes a lot better.” If you’re unable to locate non-pasteurized cream, you could use 1 tablespoon crème fraiche to the cream which gives the final butter a similar flavor to that of the cultured butter.

The amount you’ll use is contingent on the capacity of your food processor. You’ll should make sure that it’s higher than the blade but doesn’t exceed the halfway point. (We utilized 2 cups of cream inside a food processor with an 11-cup capacity and it produced approximately 1-cup of butter.)

2. Whip the cream

Food processors should run at a moderate speed for 4 or 7 minutes until butter particles separate from liquid. The butter solids will begin to form in clumps once the cream is past the whipping cream stage.

3. Pour out the buttermilk.

The liquid that separated from the butter is called buttermilk! It’s authentic, traditional buttermilk, not like the type of buttermilk offered in the majority of stores nowadays, which is usually just milk, but with added a culture (similar similar to yogurt). Make sure to pour it out of the food processor , and prepare cornbread, biscuits as well as smoothies (it’s extremely high in protein) or soup.

Grilled-Corn-with-Salt-and-Pepper-Butter-Spread 1

4. Rinse the butter

In the food processor, add cold water and stir about, however don’t use the machine. This is crucial as it eliminates any extra protein from butter, which can cause it to go rancid faster when left in. Rinse and then dump away the liquid (there’s no need to hold onto the liquid that’s being rinsed) once the rinse is clear.

5. Flavor the butter with a hint of flavor

If you’d prefer – and what would you not want to spice up your butter. It’s easy to add salt, or you can go savory by adding garlic and herbs or sweet by adding cinnamon, sugar, or orange zest. Add the ingredients you want to use in the processor , and then pulse it until they are incorporated. (Keep your eye on it, you do not want to mix the ingredients too heavily.)

6. Strain the butter

Scoop the butter out of cheesecloth (or kitchen towel) then wrap it around twist, and squeeze gently to squeeze out any liquid that remains.

7. Eat!

Spread your butter over toast right away. If you don’t intend to make use of the butter immediately put it on paper and then form it into an oval. Wrap the parchment around the butter, then twist the ends of the log to form an airtight seal. Cool the butter at room temperature until it is firm. You can keep it in the refrigerator for around five days or in an airtight freezer bag for a long time.


How To Make Butter In A Food Processor? You can make butter in a food processor by adding cream and salt to the bowl. After letting it mix for about two minutes, you will have butter that is ready to use!

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