How to use self clean on Samsung oven

How To Self Clean Samsung Oven

How to use self clean on Samsung oven

A variety of Samsung ovens from the Samsung brand have a handy self-clean feature that does the heavy lifting involved in cleaning the oven. This article will show users How To Self Clean Samsung Oven (various versions) in order to wash your oven quickly and effortlessly.

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Samsung self-clean oven instructions on how to use self-clean on Samsung oven

Follow these Samsung self-cleaning oven guidelines to clean your appliance at the time when needed:

Precautions to be aware and things to do before and during the self clean cycle

Here are some precautions to remember for the security of the equipment (and your safety) prior to, during and following the procedure:

Self-cleaning before running

  • Take the racks out of the oven, as they could be damaged. Take the lower drawer (or pan for drawers) from the oven too.

Quick Note: When self-cleaning cycles are in use, it is fine to put the porcelain-coated shelves back into the oven for cleaning (they aren’t easy to damage).

  • Also, take out any oven probes, utensils aluminum foil, and oven probes – they will melt and adhere to the interior of surfaces. So every foreign object should be removed.
  • Remove any spillage (if there is any).

Self-cleaning while running

  • Don’t leave children unsupervised close to your oven throughout the cleaning process– They could easily get burned when they touch exterior surfaces (they could get extremely hot).
  • Shut off the oven– If you notice an issue in the self-cleaning procedure it is recommended to turn off the oven and remove the power. It is essential to have a qualified technician examine the oven before attempting to run a fresh cycle.
  • Do not force the door to open- Never close the door during a self-cleaning process because you could damage the door lock’s automated system. Keep in mind that the door remains locked until you stop this cycle (or it is completed) and the oven’s temperature is lower than 350 degrees (or is cooled enough).

After having completed a self-cleaning cycle

Avoid your oven’s door following an automatic cleaning cycle.


The oven is typically extremely hot and you do not want the steam (and steam) escape to cause burns on you.

Other precautions

  • Avoid cleaning products for your oven (or oven lines) when you do your own self-cleaning-because the residues from these cleaners may cause damage to the internal areas of your oven.
  • Move your birds to ventilated areas– Some birds can be injured by the smoke that is released from self cleaning units and need to be moved to a different area. Make sure it’s properly ventilated.

How To Self Clean Samsung Oven step-by-step

Here’s How To Self Clean Samsung Oven:

Step 1.

Remove all the items that are listed above from the oven, including accessories like your parting (divider).

Step 2.

Get rid of all the dirt you can. Make sure to wipe any spillage away. Do not forget Self Clean is meant to be used for what remains after this step.

Step 3.

Create a Self-Cleaning cycle.

For this to be done, you must choose Self Clean, then hit Start.

Regarding the time, choose Self-Clean several times before you choose Start if you wish to switch between the different duration options. Be aware that 3 hours is the recommended time on ovens that are soiled in the majority of cases.

Step 4:

Clean the Self and allow it to run for the duration you have set.

Step 5:

If any ash remains after the cooking time has ended, you might still need to remove it by wiping it off (use a damp cloth).

How do you use self-clean on Samsung ovens Gas Range Ovens

This article explains how to make use of self clean for Samsung cookers for ranges..

Self-cleaning before running

  1. Shut off the unit’s lights prior to cleaning- you don’t want to risk burning out during the self-cleaning cycle.
  2. Remove the broiler pan (and the rest of the pans) and oven racks out of the oven.
  3. Clean the oven’s frame as well as the door frame. Also clean the exterior of the gasket (and even within the opening of the door gasket) using a nonabrasive cleaning product like Bon Ami* or your preferred cleaning product and water. These areas aren’t being clean by the auto-cleaning feature.

Tips for Quickly: In order to avoid damage to the gasket that surrounds the door of the oven Do not scrub or rub the area.

  1. Remove any grease or spillovers from the bottom of the oven.
  2. Make sure to clean up any acidic spills or sugary spills such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes or milk-based sauces out of porcelain enamel, as they can cause it to turn discolored (it isn’t acid-proof).

How do I start a fresh self-cleaning cycle

  1. Close the oven door.
  2. Move the door’s lock lever right into a locked position.
  3. Click on the “CLEAN pad”. CLEAN will begin to flash on the screen. You will hear beeps if you don’t shut the doors, and “DOOR” will appear on the screen if you don’t. Self-cleaning will likely not begin if you don’t shut the door within 45 seconds.
  4. Use either the (+) or (+) pad to determine the oven’s soil levels.

The choices are the following:

  • CL-H(Clean-Heavy Soil 4 hours)
  • CL-M(Clean-Medium Soil 3 hours)
  • CL-L(Clean-Light Soil 2 hours)
  1. After about 4 seconds the oven will begin cleaning (and the time for cleaning begins to show on the display of your oven. LOCK and CLEAN also displays.
  2. The feature will do its job.
  3. Wipe any ash off

Quick tip: If have left the oven’s the door unlocked “DOOR” will flash continuously until you shut the door, and then press “CLEAN” pad again. Like we said, a signal will also beep all the time.

After self-cleaning

It takes about an hour from the moment the self-cleaning cycle completed to open and unlock the door. The lock will shut off after about an hour or more.

Be aware that the oven’s door could damage if try to force it to open while the LOCK symbol remains on.

How To Self Clean Samsung Oven-Wrapping it up

As a result of a heavily soiled oven, it is normal to see smoke, flare-ups, or even flames when using the auto-cleaning mode to clean it. You don’t need to worry about it.

It is common for kitchens to have unpleasant odors, as a result of self-cleaning.

I would like to say that cleaning the oven frequently is better than waiting until the oven is saturating with a lot of dirt.

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