How To Shred Cabbage Food Processor

How To Shred Cabbage Food Processor? Cabbage is a leafy , green and leaves tend to have many health benefits. It’s a great source of dietary fiber as well as antioxidant vitamins. Its sweet and crunchy texture makes it a popular ingredient in a variety of recipes.

You can use this for soups and it is easy to do. Slices are better for salads, though!

It’s not easy to prepare cabbage. It takes some effort and time if you don’t know How To Shred Cabbage Food Processor. The physical form of cruciferous veggies often creates confusion for home cooks particularly novice cooks.

With a food processor things can be a little easier however, we think that you’ll still require a bit of assistance.

This is why we have some suggestions to consider when you come face-to-face with cabbage.

How To Shred Cabbage Food Processor

First, take off the outer layers which typically have been damaged and filthy. After that, wash the cabbage in running water to ensure that it is fresh and clean. There may be indications of insects or worms within the cabbage. You can place the cabbage in vinegar or salt water for approximately 15 minutes.

Now, we’re cutting.

Tips: Make sure your knife is larger than the diameter that the cabbage.

Place the stem of the cabbage and flatten it on the cutting board , and cut it horizontally in half. Straight cuts should suffice. Don’t cut the cabbage in a horizontal manner as they’ll start to fall apart. We want them all to be connected. There is a choice for you to take the stem off or leave it in place until later.

Cutting vegetables in half makes surfaces that hold them in place on the cutting board.

Divide the two halves into smaller pieces, and then straight through to the center of the stem. It is easy to remove the stem right now. If the chunks are already inside the chute, put to insert them into the machine. You can continue to cut them in half or trim them slightly to make sure they fit.

The more you reduce this cabbage into pieces, the thinner the slices will become. Therefore, if large slices are what you’re after then we shouldn’t cut any further than quarters.

If the food processor you have is small, then you can cut the cabbage with an ax or buy an extra large food processor.

How To Slice Napa Cabbages

A knife might seem slow after this.

In the case of Napa cabbages it will require an amount of time and effort to rinse them and ensure that they’re fresh and clean. Because of their texture Napa cabbages tend contain insects between the leaves.

Instead of washing or soaking them, we recommend getting the leaves removed each one by one, and then washing them in separate pieces. It’s more efficient and cleaner.

Tips: Cut off the stem that the leaves originate and they’ll fall away in a flash.

After you have cleaned all the stalks, stack them up and then cut them off with the help of a knife or using a pair of scissors. Also, you could use a food processor. It will save you a lot of time, particularly when cooking a large dinner. Instead of doing handwork it is possible to do this:

  • Cut the leaves stack in thirds or half according to the size of the feeding chute.
  • The newly cut stack should be rolled horizontally into the shape of an oblong. If you don’t feel it’s adequate, add more stalks.
  • Take them down the chute one stack of cylindrical at one at a time.

Cabbage’s Bitter Taste

A hint of bitterness that is present in cabbages is usually an excellent thing for our physical well-being.

Although the commercial food manufacturers usually attempt to eliminate the taste in order to boost consumption, it is important to know that there are a variety of bitter ingredients can have anti-cancer properties.

Instead of removing the so-called unpleasant flavor and unpleasant taste, it is well to blend cabbages with a variety of flavoring ingredients, while allowing cabbage to retain its unique flavor in an array of delicious, multi-flavored dishes.


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