How to grate cheese in a food processor

How To Shred Cheese In A Food Processor

How to grate cheese in a food processor

If you want to know how to shred cheese in a food processor, this article is for you. In the kitchen, there are few tasks as frustrating as trying to figure out how to use your new food processor.

If you have been considering buying one and find yourself wondering if it can handle more than just vegetables and fruit, read on. What a food processor is; why buy one; different types of processors; shopping tips for finding the right machine for your needs; and finally how to grate cheese in a food processor.

Can you shred cheese in a food processor?

A single of the more difficult tasks to do when making food ready for cooking is the grating of cheese. You can grate cheese finely by hand, using a box grater, or using a microplane. However, the food processor is the most efficient way to do this.

If you’re grating parmesan cheese to serve with your favorite pizza, or Romano cheese to sprinkle on potato mash This is a simple step-by step guide to grating cheese with the food processor.

The benefits of grating cheese into your food processor

Making fresh cheese with your food processor can go far more extensive process than purchasing already-grated cheese in the stores. You can change how the cheese’s texture is be fine or coarse depending on the way you intend to utilize it.

Making your own cheese is more fresh than buying pre-grated cheese from a supermarket that was grate sometime before getting old and losing its freshness. The pre-grated cheese bag also has many preservatives which the cheese block does not.

The greatest benefit of grating cheese is the fact that it’s simple to do with food processors and cleaning is easy, because most of the components are dishwasher-safe.

Making cheese for the food processor

For best results, chill the cheese for at least a few hours before grating it in the processor. Once frozen, the block of cheese is easy to grate into small pieces, and will not be mushy.

Different kinds of cheese can be grated using the food processor

The most effective cheeses to grated in a food processor are the tough cheeses like parmesan and Romano. If you attempt to grate soft cheeses such as mozzarella in the end, they’ll get stuck together.

How much cheese can you grind in the food processor?

A half-pound of cheese makes two cups of cheese grated by using the aid of a food processor. When grating, it is recommended to stop around halfway through the process to ensure that the texture and amount is exactly what you want.

Do you need to slice the cheese prior to placing it into the food machine?

If the cheese is cut into several pieces before going into the food processor, it is much easier to grate even quantities in the machine. Slice the cheese block into pieces and put each piece in the the food processor to grate.

How long can you cut cheese with the food machine?

The most efficient method that How To Shred Cheese In A Food Processor is by using only a few bursts from the device. This will ensure that the block of cheese will grate to your liking and isn’t processed too much.
If you’re planning to make more than a cup grated cheese, simply place the chunks of cheese cut off from the cheese block into the chute , and blend until you get the desired texture.

The time required to grate will depend not just on the kind of cheese but also on the density. Remember that the edges of a block of cheese will require longer time to thoroughly grate. In general, a one pound of parmesan cheese should require about two minutes to get an coarse texture, whereas three minutes will yield an extremely fine texture.

Cleansing the food processor

A majority of food processors are dishwasher-safe and make cleanup easy. If you prefer washing the machine by hand begin by disconnecting the appliance. Take the grating disc and bowl out of the base. Then, clean the base using an abrasive cloth. Then, remove the cover.

Add some drops of dish detergent. Then put it in warm water. The container must contain warm, filtered water with a few drop of dish soap. The disc should be added to the container and let them soak for a couple of minutes. Rub the container and disc (taking careful that you don’t cut yourself) as well as the lid, until every trace food particles have been eliminated. Rinse the container under cold water, and then dry completely prior to storing.

Best ways to utilize cheese that is grated inside the food processor

If you are a fan of roasting vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts and cauliflower Grated Parmesan is an excellent option to add some flavor. Though its most famously used for topping popular Italian dishes like spaghetti or pizza, mozzarella can also be paired with potatoes mashed into it and the chicken cutlet breading which makes this cheese good at breakfast time too.

How do you store cheese that has been grated?

If you aren’t planning to use the entire cheese that you have grated in one portion you can put it in a freezer and keep it for later use. The cheese is placed in safe bags for freezing and be sure to get rid of any air. Store it in the freezer. It is recommended to use the frozen cheese within three months of its freezing. Freshly grated cheese can be kept inside an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week.

The top food processors to grate cheese

Cuisinart custom 14-cup food processor

Cuisinart’s food processor is professional in design. It has an enormous food chute, with a 720-watt motor that is dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 12-Cup Food Processor

This Food processor features a huge chute to hold large pieces of cheese, as the 450-watt motor helps speed up the process of grating.

Ninja 400-Watt Master Prep

The Ninja food processor comes with a 48-ounce pitcher and a 16-ounce bowl for grating large and small amounts of cheese.

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

The KitchenAid food processor is a must-have for all chefs and cooking enthusiasts. You can use it either for ultrafine or coarsely grated cheese, depending on your preference.

Black + Decker 8-cup Food Processor

This small kitchen appliance makes grating quick and simple, while the bowl of eight cups can hold huge quantities of cheese.


If you are looking to learn how to shred cheese in a food processor, this article has all the information you need. Find out what to include in your shredded cheese recipe and how long it takes to prepare. You’ll also find a quick tip for getting it done.

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