All Luminarc collections, including storage containers, cookware, dinnerware, wine glasses, and tumblers, are made of GLASS, a natural neutral non-toxic safe material; however, some Luminarc product accessories are made of WOOD and others of PLASTIC.

Is luminarc glass or plastic?

Is porcelain recyclable?

Luminarc is a successful, well-known firm; they have a long history in the dinnerware industry and have a high reputation. Nonetheless, it’s hard to talk about dinnerware without mentioning Luminarc products.

Many people may be unsure as to whether or not the dinnerware produced by Luminarc is comprised of glass or plastic. Answering this question requires some familiarity with manufacturing. For your convenience, we have provided in-depth details about Luminarc dinnerware without making you read a lengthy introduction.

Where is luminarc made?  

The French are responsible for both the design and production of the Luminarc. Arc International launched the brand in 1948 as a French manufacturer of glassware and dinnerware. The manufacturing procedure for Luminarc tableware and glassware includes a thermal treatment and the pendulum test to ensure higher thermal and stress resistance.

Arc International tests each plate and glass for durability and corrosion in the dishwasher to verify that they are dishwasher safe.

Is luminarc glass or plastic?

All Luminarc collections, including storage containers, cookware, dinnerware, wine glasses, and tumblers, are made of GLASS, a natural neutral non-toxic safe material; however, some Luminarc product accessories are made of WOOD and others of PLASTIC.

Glass, a naturally neutral non-toxic safe material, is used in all Luminarc collections, from storage containers to cookware to dinnerware to wine glasses and tumblers, with the exception of a few Luminarc product accessories, which are crafted from WOOD and PLASTIC.

Is luminarc a good brand?

The Luminarc brand’s positive reception is debated, making this a challenging question. It’s inevitable that different people will have different opinions on the best brands of tableware.

This is what members of my immediate and extended family shared with me when I questioned them about their ideal dinnerware.

  • It’s important that it’s not too heavy (easy to carry around).
  • Durable (not to wear and tear easily) (not to wear and tear easily).
  • Microwavable.
  • It’s simple to disinfect.
  • They can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • There shouldn’t be any poisons in there (not leaching harmful chemicals in your food).
  • It needs to seem fashionable.
  • The materials used need to be safe for the planet.

Given the foregoing, it should come as no surprise that Luminarc is a reliable brand.

Is luminarc glass oven safe?

Luminarc glass can survive high temperatures, although not all of it may be placed in the oven. Certain Luminarc glasses can only be heated in a microwave and not an oven due to the differences in the two methods of cooking.

To that end, I’m including some Luminarc glass that can go straight into the oven;

Dish from the white oven, caine-style cuisine

Salzburg Glass Company Purple 30 cl Glass

Champagne Versailles Lilan, 35 cl

Is luminarc glass microwave safe?

True and False! As a first point, not all Luminarc collections have a label indicating that they can be heated in a microwave (Arc International).


Since Luminarc is manufactured from heatproof glass or ceramic and is chip resistant and properly tempered, the products that are microwave safe can be used in the microwave without worry. Luminarc dinnerware can withstand heat up to 135 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for use in the microwave.

Luminarc can withstand high temperatures without breaking down. All Luminarc glassware has a printed warning label indicating whether or not it may be heated in a microwave, or you can consult the product manual.

Luminarc Working Glass

Luminarc Working Glass

Before anything else, the Luminarc name is associated with a number of glassware lines. There are varying uses for these assemblages. Glass made by Luminarc includes but is not limited to: Luminarc working glass

Retro Luminarc glass

glass Luminarc Cooler

Champagne flute with a luminescent rim

Brilliant Barcraft cocktail glass

Decanters for whiskey

The Nordic Luminarc mug, filled with coffee

Beer glasses and a decanter from Luminarc’s barware collection.

So, how is the Luminarc working glass different from the other Luminarc glasses? Because the Luminarc working glass’s broad mouth is made to fit precisely with a cover, it may be used for storing food as well as drinking out of it.

“Working glass,” as the name suggests, has many potential applications, from domestic to social to industrial. Quite simply, it’s a glass with several uses.

The Luminarc working glass stands out from the crowd since it contains no lead and does not release any toxic chemicals into your food.

Can I ask if your hands are particularly large? If that’s the case, this Luminarc glass is right up your alley. This Luminarc working glass is best suited for adults and requires two hands to use, making it impractical for children. Lips are safe from cut-injuries because to the rounded corners of the premium Luminarc glass.

Like the other Luminarc products, such as the Luminarc tableware, the Luminarc working glass is durable, hard to break, and resistant to heat, cold, electricity, and water.

This is not your typical light glass; rather, it is a solid, somewhat substantial glass that will not topple over with the slightest bump.

The tempered glass used in the construction of the Luminarc working glass makes it suitable for use with hot liquids without fear of breakage.

If you’re a fan of smoothies and use a stick blender, you’ll appreciate the Luminarc working glass’s wide opening.

Last but not least, the Luminarc working glass is perfect for anything from morning juice to an afternoon smoothie to an evening cocktail.

Luminarc Working Glass Lids


Luminarc glassware Glass containers with tight-fitting lids are ideal for use with Luminarc’s working glass tumblers. You can choose between a white or red lid for your working glass.

Perfect for use as storage containers or to hold gifts. These functional glass tops will keep your food secure and clean.


The Luminarc glass working lids are a perfect fit for preserving jam, beverages, dips, veggies, and sauces.

Glass may be stacked neatly on top of these grooved Luminarc working lids, which is another perk. Each lid has a 3.75-inch (9.5-centimeter) inner diameter and a 3.93-inch (9.4-centimeter) outer diameter (10cm).

Luminarc Working Glass Lids Red

Luminarc Working Glass Lids Red

The Luminarc working glass Lid is a common point of confusion when explaining the material composition of the product.

Red Luminarc working glass lids are also available, serving the same purpose as their white counterparts in terms of storage and spill prevention.

Is luminarc lead-free?

Yes! The absence of lead and cadmium from Luminarc is a major selling point. Since it is constructed of safe tempered glass, it is lead-free.

Glass, a nonporous, natural material, is used to create the Luminarc collections because of its inherent safety and cleanliness. All Luminarc items are made from ultra-resistant glass since it is both durable and clean.

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