LG Refrigerator Problems

LG Refrigerator Problems

It is clear that LG refrigerators are the most popular choice for customers. However their performance on new refrigerator models has seen a decline in recent times. A lot of consumers have complained about LG Refrigerator Problems, particularly those with French door as well as Side by Side models manufactured between Jan. 1st, 2014 between December. 31st the year 2019.

In this article we will discuss the LG Refrigerator Problems and potential solutions. Therefore, keep reading until the end to gain a more thorough understanding.

Lists of 5 LG Refrigerator Problems

Below are top 5 problems that are common to LG refrigerators along with a detailed troubleshooting guide.

LG Refrigerator Problems

1.) Compressor Problems

All the new LG refrigerators feature the linear compressor. According to LG the newer linear technology compressor is superior than a traditional split phase compressor as it generates less heat and friction. It’s also quiet, energy efficient and more reliable.

Apart from reliability, all other aspects are also true of this linear compressor. The compressor could be damaged within the year, and you may encounter a compressor not operating issues in your refrigerator. To fix the issue you’ll need an expert technician in order to repair the seal system which could cost you quite a bit.

The owners of refrigerators complained to the homeowners that they are operating and moving. However, they aren’t cooling due to the malfunction in the compressor linear.

2) LG Refrigerator Not Cooling

This is among the most important reasons why people are not satisfied in LG refrigerators. The refrigerator is often not cooling and can spoil your stored goods within the freezer.

In the end, LG users are disappointed by the issue of cooling. They have filed a variety of complaints on different forums for customers to resolve the problem.

What should you do if your refrigerator isn’t cooling?

To resolve the issue with cooling You must determine the reason behind the cooling issues. Therefore, you should follow these steps to find out the root cause.

I) Examine the Compressor

It’s one of the most common reasons for cooling failures on LG refrigerators. It’s located in the back of your refrigerator. If you hear loud sound coming from it, it’s the right time for you to repair this seal.

II) Verify the condensing Coils

Condensing coils that have been contaminated could also create an issue with cooling. When the condensing coils have been contaminated temperatures won’t be uniform.

To resolve the issue To fix it, disconnect the refrigerator’s power source and then disconnect the water line. The condenser coils in the lower part of your refrigerator, that is accessible from the back side.

After that, you will be able to look at the state of the. If the coils appear filthy, you can employ a soft brush to scrub them. However, prior to doing this it is important to make sure all the coils are dried.

III) Look for the Evaporator Fan

The fan in the Evaporator is the one responsible for circulating coolant through cooling coils inside your refrigerator. You can therefore examine the spin of the fan to make sure that your refrigerator is receiving the proper amount of air. If you find that the motor is malfunctioning and is not spinning properly it is time to change the fan’s motor.

3.) Ice Maker Issues

Issues with the ice maker are a common cause of frustration since they impact the performance of the refrigerator. It is, in fact, a common issue with LG refrigerators that requires your focus.

Here are the problems that you may encounter because of the malfunctioning maker of ice.

  • Water from the refrigerator leaks through the crisper tray From the back It is becoming too hot.
  • In the lower part in an ice maker water droplets and ice crystals develop.
  • The defrosting system’s failure
  • A defective valve for water inlet
  • This ice maker sure make quite a noise

4) LG Fridge Leaking Water

Next LG refrigerator issue is leakage of water. This has led to many complaints from the owners. Many homeowners have stated that this problem is a result of the drain freezing.

In this situation it is possible that water will spill over the drain. It will then drop down until it reaches the bottom of the compartment and cause water leaks into the floor.

What do I need to do now?

To solve this issue to resolve the issue, you should inspect your drain lines. If it’s blocked you could try melting it by pouring boiling water over it.

Additionally, inspect the tank assembly for leaks within the tank connections. If any leaks are found leak, it requires a replacement.

5) Good Luck if you get Refunds

In the event that you encountered a issues with your refrigerator and had a valid claim for the reimbursement.

Even if the equipment is still covered by warranty, getting a reimbursement from the company could be a challenge. It’s a lengthy process that requires all receipts and can be a hassle.

Many of the customers who bought defective LG models have been granted an exchange. However, there’s an extensive list of consumers who claim the refund but are not receiving any reply from LG support department.

If you’ve set your sights on buying a brand new refrigerator, make sure you go through the list of refrigerator brands that you want to stay clear of first.

How do I reset my LG Refrigerator Control Panel?

There isn’t a reset button available in LG refrigerators, so you must do it manually. Take a look at the steps below for resetting the controls on the LG refrigerator.

The first step is to get the doors open of the refrigerator. After that, hold and press the REFRIGERATOR and ICE PLUS buttons at the exact time for 5 minutes.

Control panel lights will light up after five minutes. The panel will then show the temperature settings and verify that your refrigerator was successfully reset.

Frequently asked questions

Do LG refrigerators have problems with compressors?

Between 2014 until in 2019, between 2014 and 2019, the LG refrigerator compressor problem was reported by a large number of consumers. LG was eventually forced to settle an action class action suit over its defective compressors. The lawsuit was settled September of 2020. Recently, we have seen an improvement in the severity of this issue. However, some users still have complaints about the compressor that is higher than usual.

How long can the LG fridge last?

LG refrigerators are well-known for their longevity They are also likely be more durable than alternatives. In the average, an LG refrigerator can last for between 20 and 30 years. But how well you’ve taken care of and maintained the appliance will play an important role.

Final Words

In this article we’ve listed the five most common LG Refrigerator Problems to assist you in identifying the cause.

LG is among the most reliable choices in the purchase of an appliance for your home. But, the compressor issue in their products has irritated their customers. Due to this issue they faced an action class-action lawsuit for creating compressors that are not of high quality.

The lawsuit was resolved in the year 2020. But, some homeowners complain of various issues, like defective ice makers problems with cooling water leakage, as well as compressor problems.

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