Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

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Detailed Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker guide. This guide will assist you to solve a variety issues Samsung freezer ice maker problems that why Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

Let’s begin:

Samsung refrigerators troubleshooting issues with ice makers [fixes to various problems]

A few of the problems your ice maker might face might include:

  • Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working at all
  • Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker freezing up
  • Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t work
  • Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t dump ice
  • Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker leaked with water
  • Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t stop
  • Samsung refrigerator ice maker making noise

Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker not working

If Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working at all and you want to get your ice maker working for you, try these steps:

Turn off the ice-maker, then turn it back on again

Try turning the ice maker off and on using “Ice Maker ON” and “Ice Maker OFF” button.

Make a touch for more than a half seconds (and less than three seconds) and it’ll switch in between “On” and “Off”.

Is it working right now?

Reset the maker of ice.

Resetting the computer can be beneficial in certain situations:

Samsung refrigerator ice maker reset procedure

Press the test button to reset the unit (press it until you hear a sound which is typically within 10-seconds).

If you’re lucky you might see it begin making the ice again.

This is the deal It will take approximately 6 minutes, and you’ll see ice falling onto the container (and the valve for water is energized to help fill the ice maker).

The chime will resound at the end of the test.

Quick Tip: Many models require removal of the ice-bucket in order to observe the ice maker.

Alternative method to reset the Ice Maker

Another method of reset is by unplugging the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before plugging it back into the outlet. This resets all functions including the ice maker function.

Quick Tip: Frequently occurring power interruptions can make the ice maker stop working until it’s reset.

Check it for frost issues

The buildup of frost in the Samsung refrigerators is a significant source of problems and may be the culprit this time around.

Make sure to defrost your device (refer to steps that we outline below under section “Samsung refrigerator ice maker frozen” issue section).

For the most part the appliance will have to reset following defrosting the ice in order to function again.

Quick Tip: If the buildup of ice isn’t that terrible and your Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working, simply shut off the fridge and allow it to sit for a night to freeze.

Other solutions

Other factors could be important to consider if you’re Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker not making ice , or generally not performing as expected (it might, for instance it isn’t making enough or any the right amount of ice).

Insufficient pressure on the water

A faulty water filter

Ice maker creating tiny, cloudy or simply frozen clumps.

To find these mistakes, look for the water filter, excessive mineral content (in the water) or to check for low pressure.

An ice bucket that is solidly frozen might also be the reason (again the suggested solution to the problem is explained in detail in this section “Samsung refrigerator ice maker frozen”).

Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t dump ice

Alongside the fixes we’ve listed above, consider these suggestions for repairs when your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker doesn’t dispensing an ice (and you’ve verified that the ice maker is working):

Check if your ice bucket has ice

Dispensing might be difficult if there’s no ice (or there is a shortage of ice) in the ice container. Check the bucket by opening it.

Additionally, fused frozen ice (or the clumps of ice that form) could cause problems. The solution is to dump the ice that is problematic and let new ice be formed.

Dis-engage child lock

Child lock shuts off the dispenser (and the display panel).

Turn it off and check it.

Check the dispenser opening for blockage

Take out anything that could be hindering the way to access.

Ensure the bucket back seats properly

This prevents the dispenser from dispensing when it isn’t properly seated, the reason why it doesn’t work.

Verify the water pressure of the dispenser

When the dispenser dispensed slower, then you possibly experiencing an issue with the water pressure.

This could be the result of a filter that requires replacement or a damaged or kinked pipe, or the valve for water that is supplying low pressure.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t turn on

If you’re Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker has gone off, it’s because the ice maker is not functioning properly.

Verify the ice-maker is actually turned on

The majority of models have the “Ice Off” icon that illuminates when the ice maker is turned off.

Make sure it’s not lit in order to start the production of ice (The instructions are included in the manual for your user).

Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting the ice maker that is leaking water

If your ice maker has an leak, it is important to first verify whether it’s level. The reason for this issue is not being leveled prior to installation.

Now, the best option is to turn forward the levelers on the front.

This way your balance is perfect and water will stop flowing out of the ice cube tray.

Other items worth checking:

  • Does the water filter have proper installed?

Air could be trapped in the unit following the time that the water filter has been replaced and this can lead to leaks.

Check if the work has been correct and make adjustments If necessary.

  • Be sure to look for signs of ice buildup inside the chute of ice

Any accumulation of ice within the chute needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Look for blocked air vents.

When the vents for air (inside your refrigerator) are blocked by items such as plastic bags the fridge could, eventually, become cooling.

This is due to the fact that the cooling process that is too long could damage the water filter, causing leakage of water.

  • Make sure that the gaps are sealed

The seal that seals the ice-chute and the ice bucket – should not have gaps in any of them.

In other cases, warm air is introduced into the ice maker compartment and begins at melting the frozen ice (The result is that water drips out of the dispenser).

Samsung refrigerator ice maker frozen

If you’re Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker is frozen, don’t panic there are a few solutions for the issue of Samsung refrigerator the ice maker freezing:

Here’s what you should do if your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker has frozen:

Defrost it

If the ice maker freezes or frosts but doesn’t produce Ice, the issue is typically solved by clearing it of its frozen state.

Try to use the “force defrost” option if your Samsung refrigerator has it but if it fails, try an air-dryer in order to break up the ice inside the compartment for ice.

Make sure you run the force defrost several times in case it isn’t able to clear the buildup after one cycle.

We’d suggest that your manual should contain instructions on how to use this mode (YouTube could also be useful).

Quick Tip: Lots of people don’t know how to get out of the mode of forced defrost. Be aware that you do not have to do anything – this mode typically ends itself when it’s completed.

How long will the forced defrost mode need to get rid of all frost?

Answer: It’s all dependent on the amount of defrosting that needs to be completed (how how much). To give you an idea the time frame could be between approximately 45 mins (the initial process) as well as 20 mins (on the second time).

While this method is definitely beneficial however, it’s not going to help remove all accumulation of frost.

The best option when you’re not able to achieve your goal is to use a heated gun (and scraper) or a steamer/hairdryer to remove any ice that remains.

In the same way, don’t fret if your refrigerator isn’t equipped with this option. Just use a hairdryer in the inside of your ice maker and use it to melt the ice that has been caked on. Steamers can also used to complete the task.

However, be cautious when using the hairdryer or heat gun because they can cause the connectors to melt.

Long lasting fix

If your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker isn’t able to make ice due to a freezing out, you can attempt these fixes:

1. Cover the ice box (in the refrigerator)

In several models, sealing of the ice maker’s box can help decrease the problem of defrosting.


Take the ice cube container out from the maker.

Get a light that is bright and place it in front of the Ice maker (near the left-hand side of the refrigerator’s wall).

There will be light passing upwards from the refrigerator into the Ice maker.

This indicates that the interior of the ice-maker requires sealingthe airflow. Warmer air entering the refrigerator is the reason that some ice makers freeze and stop making Ice.

You can cover the ice maker from underneath (between the Ice maker box and of the wall to your left) by applying food-grade silicone sealant the ice maker box.

The great thing about transparent silicon is that you can’t be able to detect it.

Quick Tips: It’s true that sealing inside isn’t an easy task. Sometimes, it is necessary for the cover of the wire to needs for removal it to ensure the sealing space.

2. Install drip clips

As sealing off the maker’s box (from under) is essential however, we suggest you purchase the DA82-02367AY (drip) clips along with it and put them in.

Install drip clips

This method usually required for stopping icing from forming on the evaporator fan of your HVAC unit. The drip clip (put these on top of the condenser wall’s rear coil) directs frozen water into the drain, preventing icing issues.

Installation should be simple and the ice maker could be working as it was intended without frost, and no more icing (just the ice cubes that we would all like- put them in the garbage).

In the simplest terms closing off the ice room and adding the kit can help in helping the maker to last more.

3. Samsung ice maker replacement

Another thing you might be thinking about is arranging the replacement when Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working.

It could be the solution you’re looking for in the event that your ice maker is experiencing issues with defrost frequently.

If that’s the direction you’d like to pursue We suggest you look into the replacement Samsung refrigerator Ice maker (Samsung Refrigerator OEM part number DA97-15217D, the previous part number was DA82-151717A) It has positive reviews.

Regarding installing, there’s a lot of YouTube videos that explain how to do the replacement.

Remember that certain Samsung refrigerator models will require this replacement kit for ice maker.

A note on finding the part number

The most reliable method to determine the replacement part you’ll require is to take the ice maker’s ice tray and then using your smartphone to snap a photo of the front side of the specific icemaker that is the ice maker.

The label has the correct part number. on it.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t come out

The possibilities for resolving this problem are:

Reset the unit.

You can reset the device or go the traditional method (unplug the refrigerator).

Try to move it gently

If there aren’t any major issues, you can try gently wiggle it. This could cause it to shake loose.

It is important to note that the majority of models come with simple tricks like an angle, that you have to push to make removal more simple.

Additionally, some models come with an option to release the ice bucket.

Get rid of any excess icing

Often, Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker has a problem with icing. As the ice grows, the entire bin of the ice-maker could become frozen.

Keep this in mind. the first thing to take if you’re having trouble trying to eliminate your ice maker to work to remove any ice blockages that might have developed.

Make use of the “forced defrost” feature or simply shut it off overnight and then attempt to get rid of the ice maker next morning.

The next step, if it occurs the other way is to shut off the power and then wash off the frozen ice.

Then turn the unit off and then reset the icemaker.

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that there are many ways to tackle defrosting. Such as placing hot water trays within your refrigerator till you are able to take out the Ice bucket.

If the ice-maker doesn’t melt it, add another tray of hot water at once.

It’s time to get back to the business when you’ve dried the ice maker!

Make sure you use hand steamers (or hair dryer) to melt the ice maker, when the ice encased between the ice maker’s wall on the side won’t move as it does if there was ice all over the place.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t stop making ice

To solve this Samsung refrigerator ice maker issue We suggest this method:

Let it fill the hopper, then turn it off.

The ice maker should stop making an ice block when the bin is full. There is an electronic sensor that it uses to detect a bin that is full.

Your unit may continue to make ice even if the sensor does not work at that time (until it jams).

You can, however, use this method to stop creating ice:

  • It will be on for a couple of hours to slowly fill the hopper. Then switch it off.
  • Then, you can use the next step is to use the ice (in the bucket) for the next few days/week until it is at a low point.

This is the way to go If it is down, switch it on for an hour or so, or to fill the tank.

Unfortunately, you may have to repeat the process in the event that the issue persists (ultimately the sensor might require replacement).

Quick Tip: One of the most evident indication that ice is becoming depleted is when the machine starts slowing down to pour out frozen cubes.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker making noise

The solutions recommended depend on the kind of noise:

Banging sound

This can heard as ice melts from the ice maker into the bucket, and this is normal.

But, be cautious as it could at times be due to something unsteady within the refrigerator that was falling over.

Do not risk it: Open and examine the refrigerator, particularly if the sound is extremely loud and consistent.

Rattling sound

The refrigerator behind might be the refrigerator is rattling (against against).

Try moving it away (about 1 inch) and check if it will stop the sound.

Noise of grinding (when the ice is dispensing)

Reposition your refrigerator slightly(pull it back by 1 inch or so) with a 2-inch clearance (all across the sides, top and back) helps to eliminate the sound.

Make sure you are level.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker fan noise

Another Samsung refrigerator issue that is fairly frequent is that the fan makes noises.

In this regard, you’ll need to examine these aspects:

Ice buildup

This is also the most frequently occurring cause. The fan could be clogged with excessive amounts of ice which could cause the fan to become stuck (the sound could be because the fan is hitting frost).

In reality, ice buildup could cause a Samsung fridge ice maker problems If not addressed promptly.

Try to run the process of defrosting (you already know the procedure) and check if it gets rid of the sound.

Fan might be loose

The repair is easy to do this Simply open the fan and tighten it. fan.

Replace the fan

You will also have to consider fan replacement in the condition of Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

Similar to any other replacement as with any other replacement, you’ll need to purchase the correct component prior to attempting the Samsung refrigerator Ice maker fan replacement.

Quick Tip: These solutions can also applied to the problem that is causing Samsung French door refrigerator’s the ice maker’s fan noise.

Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker is slow or Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker isn’t producing enough ice

If the maker of ice is slow in producing the ice (or it’s not making enough ice) Try the following:

  • Verify the temperature and lower it if it is too high, as a high temperature can affect ice production.
  • Verify that the water lines freeze. They are when the refrigerator isn’t cold enough. It is possible to unplug the refrigerator in order to attempt to get the lines to thaw (this will require you to take out of the fridge).
  • When the lever that detects the time of fullness of the ice container held against anything moving, it might slow down.
  • Reset the icemaker- press the right button (on the icemaker) to reset it.
  • Switch the filter- a blocked filter can slow the flow of water which could affect the speed of production of ice.
  • Verify the water pressure- if the pressure of your home’s water is not sufficient, your ice maker might not function correctly. In the worst case, installing an additional pump required to make up for the lower pressure.
  • Try the Power Freeze feature- pressing it can increase the production of ice (it will run the compressor for an extended amount of time). Consider this option if it’s available through your refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting the ice maker – FAQs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I reset my Ice maker from my Samsung refrigerator?

To reset Samsung refrigerator ice maker:

  1. Locate “test” button on the Ice-maker (on all levels you must take the ice bucket in order in order to get access to your ice maker.)
  2. Then press and keep pressing “test” and press the “test” button until a sound will hear (it could take up to 10 minutes).
  3. You must wait to allow to wait for the “test cycle” to complete It will take about 6 minutes . You will hear another sound to signal the cycle complete.
  4. It will take up to 24 days (after after the reset) for normal production of ice to return.

Why is the icemaker not working on my Samsung refrigerator?

There are many reasons for this: Child lock could be in use and the ice bucket might not contain enough ice (or it is not ice enough) or there may be issues with icing or other issues.

We’ve covered almost all the causes (and possible solutions) over.

Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker -Conclusion

Wow! It was a thorough guide, and we’re happy, we’ve covered the majority of the most common Samsung freezer ice maker problems.

Remember: If you’re experiencing only one issue with your maker of ice (you frequently have for repair this or this Samsung fridge’s ice maker problem) It could be time to replace the entire the ice maker.

As stated, this Samsung refrigerator’s Ice maker replacement (Samsung OEM part number DA97-15217D) is compatible with all Samsung refrigerator models. It would be an excellent alternative.

Don’t forget to get the DA82-02367AY (drip) clips to go along with it (if your refrigerator doesn’t contain any drain clips).

In the end, it’s sense to not endure the hassle of problems on a regular basis!

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