What Is Corelle Dinnerware Made Out Of


Customers are loyal to specific brands because of the special qualities and distinctive designs that come from the dinnerware’s composition or material.

One such service ware manufacturer is Corelle, which produces a popular dinnerware set. What makes Corelle tableware different from other brands has always been its material makeup.

If you want your dinnerware to last for years to come, it’s important to know what goes into making it. This will provide you insight into the set’s strengths, weaknesses, and maintenance needs.

Corelle Dinnerware Sets


Corelle is an American company that produces high-quality crockery.

The versatile pieces of tableware by Corelle are made to look good at any time of year. These affordable premium dinnerware sets come in an array of forms and patterns, with white being the most common color.

Corelle dinnerware may help set the stage for a wonderful day, whether you’re having a regular family dinner, a casual get-together, or a formal celebration.

With the Vitreous triple-layer glass tableware, you can confidently say goodbye to chips, cracks, and stains. Because of its low weight and low maintenance requirements, Corelle is a convenient material.

The Corelle dinner set is perfect for you if you value cleanliness and wellness.

They are lightweight and may be stacked easily, unlike porcelain dishes. Made to withstand the rigors of the kitchen and the cold storage freezer with minimal effort.

See Corelle dinnerware sets created in the USA for further information.

What is corelle dinnerware made out of?


The innovative glass lamination method used to create CORELLE tableware involves thermally bonding three layers of glass together: a transparent “skin,” a white or beige “core,” and a transparent “back.” The end product is sturdy yet lightweight crockery that may be stacked without fear of shattering.

Vitrelle Meaning

Corelle dinnerware features a proprietary glass composition known as Vitrelle. Corning glass works first introduced this type of tempered glass in 1970; it consists of two different types of glass laminated into three layers.

Dishes made of Vitrelle Corelle are ideal for everyday use due to its low weight, attractive translucence, resistance to breakage, and durability.

Where is corelle dinnerware made?

While the majority of Corelle’s line, including their popular Winter Frost pattern, is produced in Corning, New York, the company’s mugs and stoneware are actually manufactured in China.

Vitrelle Dinnerware Brands


For instance, the Vitrelle unique glass material is used to create the Corelle dining set.

The Vitrelle dishes in the Corelle Winter frost 78-piece dinnerware set have a triple layer of strength, making them chip and break resistant.

This dish is made of Vitrelle, which is dishwasher safe, lightweight, and robust enough to use for both everyday meals and special occasions.

Space-saving, ultra-thin dish made by Corelle called Vitrelle. Plating that can be used directly in the microwave or a warmed oven without fear of contamination.

Corelle Patterns


There is a wide selection of patterns available from the Corelle brand, all of which are created to suit a wide range of aesthetic preferences and utilitarian requirements.

Each piece of dinnerware in this set is composed of either Vitrelle, Stoneware, or Porcelain in a classic Corelle Pattern. Here are some examples of Corelle patterns:

Floral Patterned Square Dinnerware from the Corelle Boutique Embossed with the Cherish Design, Perfect for Special Occasions

The Corelle Solid Pattern 16-piece Dinnerware Set in White Porcelain is an excellent addition to any home.

Dinnerware by Corelle in the Timber Shadows pattern, set to serve six people.

Square with Black and Grey Arches Corelle Portfolio Pattern Round Dinnerware Set

Indigo Speckle Pattern Dinnerware by Corelle

Corelle Livingware, Striped Pattern, Corelle Classic Café 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Summer

Corelle’s 16-piece dinner set with a geometric pattern, the Crimson Trellis design, is chip- and break-resistant.

The Corelle Libson Terrace Pattern 18-Piece Dinnerware Set is chip- and break-resistant and made by Corelle.

Corelle Square Kyoto Leaves 16-piece set; Contemporary Pattern

12 Piece Dinnerware Set, Corelle Boutique Musty Leaves Pattern

Spots on white dinnerware by Corelle Lunch plates in a sea blue color

12-piece dinnerware set from the Corelle Everyday Expression Collection, pattern to-be-determined

Appetizer Plates with a Chip-Resistant Corelle Fabric Pattern

It was made by Corelle Corning, a prestigious ceramics Butterflies flutter over these gold-plated place settings.

Corelle’s “Terracotta Dreams” dinnerware

Chutney, a Thanksgiving tableware set by Corelle Impressions

Dishware service for 16 by Corelle, styled after the city of Cisco

The chip-resistant Corelle Mystic Gray 18-Piece Service for 6 is a must-have.

Dinnerware set from Corelle called Splendor is made of glass but is chip-resistant (and serves six).

Is corelle toxic?

No! Glass, like the kind used to make Corelle dinnerware, is completely non-toxic. The rigorous standards established by the FDA in the USA are met by Corelle Brands LLC.
Corelle doesn’t absorb liquids, so it won’t get stained or smell bad.

It’s perfect for kids and grandmas to eat from this timeless Vitrelle dish.


It’s important to remember that different brands of tableware, including Corelle, have unique compositions that account for their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. For this reason, it’s useful to know the composition of Corelle dinnerware so that you can make an informed choice that will help you save both time and money.

Understanding the components of your dinnerware set will also help you care for it properly.

Is corelle ceramic or porcelain?

Corelle is known mostly for being a Vitrelle triple-layer glass, but the company also produces plates and mugs out of stoneware and porcelain.

Are corelle plates made of melamine?

Corelle plates are made without the use of melamine. Dishes made of melamine aren’t as durable as those made of corelle. Visit Is Corelle Melamine for additional information on this topic.

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